Seriously,  this eyeliner  is the key to pretty much everything involved with a perfectly lined eye. 

Seriously, this eyeliner is the key to pretty much everything involved with a perfectly lined eye. 

About a year ago, I did a Facebook Live of my makeup routine, and to this day, people ask me about the eyeliner application technique I demo'd at least once a week. For me, there is one method that ALWAYS results in perfectly defined eyes that don't look overly done. As such, this technique works for every look- from "no makeup" natural-ish to camera-ready to evening out and anything that falls in between.

Here is my no-fail eyeliner application technique:

1- Use THIS LINER. (Not kidding- I have never found a liner that comes close to the lasting power, ease of use and soft glide of this one.) Make sure it is freshly sharpened to a fine point- this is the sharpener I swear by because the colors are fun and bright so I can find it easily in my drawer, plus the price can't be beat AND it has a catch-all for the shavings.

2- Lightly tug on the skin under your lower lash line, using your ring finger (it has the lightest touch) so as to expose the waterline of your lid between your lashes and eyeball. Lean into the mirror and, with the pencil pointing up, glide it along the waterline, starting from the inner eye and working your way to the outer edge. I usually repeat this twice just to make sure I haven't missed any spots along the way.

3- Look up like you are trying to see your own brain, but leaning into the mirror close enough so you can still catch a glimpse of your eye. With the pencil facing up (as in Step 2), glide the liner from the inner eye to the outer edge, and repeat if needed. 

4- Repeat on other side.

5- Lean back and look into the mirror to make sure both eyes are evenly lined- and adjust as needed. Also, you may need to touch up the outer edges slightly just to complete the line so it goes continuously around the eye for total definition.

From here, you have options. Like, if you want more drama, I go over each line again but instead of really getting into the waterline, I place the pencil slightly closer to the lash line, so a little of the product disperses between your lashes, slightly thickening the line and upping the impact. 

You can also enhance a more daytime-appropriate look by using a dewy champagne or silvery cream shadow in that spot between the inner eye and the bridge of the nose- just press it in with your fingertip to brighten up in an instant. My favorites include this one (bonus- you can get it via Amazon Prime!) or this (lasts forever, and is also great all over the lid as a shadow base).

What is your go-to eyeliner application technique? Have you tried mine? Please comment below with all the details- or, of course, any questions you have... 

Amazon Prime These Products To Look Pretty While We All Freeze!

It is cold in Connecticut- and from what I gather watching the news last night, it is colder than normal pretty much everywhere. Snow is in our forecast- which means a potential snow day (mixed feeling about that- love the cozy time inside with my girls, until, ya know, I don't)...And for me, being stuck inside in the freezing cold often presents a rare opportunity to hole up in my office and snap pics or record little videos for my Instagram or Facebook page or there here blog. Meetings get cancelled, or dinner plans bailed on- all things that make this homebody a happy girl. But it also means I have to look good, because if I am going to take advantage of the down time, I need to be somewhat camera-ready. 

Here are the products that I swear by to look and feel human- but not all done up, because that is just silly on a snowy day when wearing pjs or an oversized cozy sweater and leggings from the neck down- when my skin is parched and my lips are all chapped and tingly to the point that smiling kinda hurts:

1- Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: The gold standard- I used this as my moisturizer (yes, it is thick and heavy but I like- and need- that!) and it also works wonders to add glow-power to my foundation. Then, I massage it into my cuticles to instantly refresh my manicure, because, ya know, hands always end up in every shot and it is too cold to go get this gel mani removed and replaced.
2-Too Faced Born This Way Foundation: It looks so natural, glides on, and is really hydrating. It covers redness and such without looking heavy or cakey, and the color range is insane- something for everyone. I wear both Light Beige and Nude, depending on how long it has been since my last spray tan.
3- Maybelline Cheek Flush: A bargain buy, this has just the right amount of color and I love the balmy finish. When the weather is frigid, I feel like my powder blushes tend to look flat and almost too bold-- this is a gentle glow that looks lit-from-within, not forced from a makeup compact. 
4- Jillian Dempsey DEW Lid Tint: One swipe gives you the ultimate, glossy eye- but unlike other eye "gloss" products, this is silky, not sticky. And the perfect backdrop for...drumroll please...
5- It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara: Cold weather makes many a mascara flakey- I have tried a ton over the years- and to date, the one that never feels- or looks- dry and crunchy, is this new launch from one of my most beloved brands.
6- Nooni Water Blending Lip Oil: Every beauty insider I know is obsessed with this K-beauty import lip oil, and for good reason- it moisturizes, but also has natural AHAs from Apple Water which exfoliate, and Mint Extract which gives you that instant "ahhhh" soothing effect.

Gift Guide: Under $50 Picks For Grown Up Girls Of EVERY Age

All under $50- well, except this one and this beauty but I just felt like both had to be included because they are the perfect gifts to get that friend/mom/aunt/sister/hard-to-buy-for-human you are still stumped on. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be excited to unwrap any item on this list- and that is not just because I picked them...Or maybe it is.

Get these designer tube socks ($45 a pair) with the airport code of top destinations monogrammed along the top for your travel buddy. 

Your beauty-obsessed bestie is gonna freak over these lipsticks which create the most beautiful custom hues- sure, they look cray cray in the tube but that is half the fun of it. She needs this limited edition sponge set that literally has every tool a girl would ever need- from eraser sponges to cleansing sponges to applicators for every product and part of your face (value is $71 but the price tag for holiday is less than 1/2 of that). And there is no better way to spend $12 than on the most insta-worthy balm known to (wo)man. 

Fragrance is typically tricky to gift- but the glitter factor in these give it a fun factor- plus, rollerballs are travel-friendly. And there is hydrating coconut oil involved. 

Last but not least- these slides are the perfect combo of unexpected and useful- and...50% OFF!

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Gift Guide: Best Picks for Girls (Specifically, Between Age 2 and 7)

I know what I don't know. As such, you won't find me doling out gift ideas for boys of any age (because I don't have one of my own, totally clueless) or any girl older than my eldest (7), but younger than my 12 year old niece- who I love shopping for, so I have a good handle on what girls that age like.*

But for now, I am sharing what I DO know: gift ideas for girls between 2-7. If anyone on your gifting list falls into that demographic, prepare to screenshot and shop accordingly- because I got this on lock- as the kids say.

(Note: You won't find any of the "buzzy gifts that parents will be fighting for in the toy aisles" here- mostly because I assume you probably know what those are, but also because they tend to be one-hit wonders that kids get bored of quickly...I mean, is your kid still playing with a Furbie on the reg? Didn't think so.)

  1. Throwback Knee High Tube Socks: $8 for a set of 2, these are the ultimate stocking stuffer.
  2. The First Coding Robot For Girls: Ever since seeing this on Shark Tank, I have been totally enamored with not only the founder, but also the concept. (Plus, it is 15% off right now- be sure to check out the site!) I just ordered one for Alexa- and I know she is going to FREAK. 
  3. Pom Pom Stuffed Animal: I only buy stuffed animals that I enjoy looking at- hence, this made the list. So so soft, and does overtime as an impromptu travel pillow thanks to the plush belly that fits perfectly between my 2 year old's head and the side of her carseat.
  4. Care Bears: Dying over the current collaboration with Land of Nod (check it out HERE), and also coveting this super soft Gund Sunshine Bear is everything my '80s wish lists were made of.
  5. Vanity Set: My girls LOVE to play pretend, and I won't mind seeing these beautiful (and well-priced) primping essentials all over the house (since do these things every actually stay contained in a play area? Nope.)
  6. Unicorn Light: The price is right- $16- it is functional (perfect soft light for sleep time) and what girls can say anything but "{DELIGHTED SQUEAL SOUND}" when presented with a Unicorn?
  7. DIY Fashion Cookie Kit: This becomes a perfect playdate activity, and trust me, those cookie cutters will come in handy for those moments when you feel like upping the apple slice style quotient at snack time.
  8. Sewing Machine with Pom Pom Maker: This comes with fabric to do 5 easy-to-sew crafts, but the clincher for me is the pom pom maker attachment since even if she tires of sewing, there is ALWAYS something fun to make with pom poms (for kids and adults alike, to be honest.) Keychains, rugs, emoji characters, even in my case, a wreath! Yup. More to come on that...
  9. STATE Bag Toy Carrier: SO SMART- a stylish way to put the responsibility in your kids' hands- train them to select an edited assortment of toys (only as much as will fit in the case) when heading out for a trip or tagging along to an adult dinner. They will happily carry this bag themselves, and can learn to make sure everything that leaves the house tucked inside makes it back home too. (Or at least, that is my master plan when this gift enters their lives in a couple weeks...)
  10. BONUS GIFT- NOT PICTURED: Peloton owners & SoulCycle/Flywheel mom friends- YOU. ARE. WELCOME. 



*And, since the older I get the more I revert to dressing like a disgruntled teen, I am fairly adept at figuring out gifts for the 13 and up set- so you may catch a few of those along the way. Just a heads up...

The Best Finds To Extend Your Summer Glow, As Seen On "TODAY"

Because you want to keep that summer glow going for as long as possible, and you may not have not been glued to the TV on the Friday before Labor Day weekend, I wanted to make sure to share my latest "TODAY" segment with you all.

Here is the deal- when I have a tan, I feel like 20 pounds more svelte. And after the amount of alcohol and ice cream I consumed this summer, I can use all the help I can get. Watch the video for the full rundown of products that will get the job done, and in case you want a short list cheat sheet of what I am now using on the reg after testing tons of stuff for the segment, see below:

1- St Tropez One Night Only Body Gloss: Gorgeous glossy finish without any of that strip-club sparkle (because come on, people, I'm a mom now...)- it instantly re-ups a fading tan, doesn't come off on clothes, and gives me the illusion of triceps even when they are hidden under layers of vodka and french fries. 

2- Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette in Summer Solstice: So, get this- purple is one of the best hues to enhance a tan look- it works on every skin tone (especially darker skin tones) and never looks orange. Dust the purple Mykonos shade on your cheekbones (it goes on way more sheer than it looks)- and just try to resist dabbing the Poured Melted Strobe in shimmering gold St. Tropez over, well, every inch of yourself. 

3- Nars Laguna Body Tint SPF 30: The smartest way to show some skin- I tested this on the tennis court a few times and my whites remained unscathed- impressive. Plus, it smells freaking incredible. 

4- Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss: A tad glittery, but it dries down into a powdery finish and gives this glimmery effect to your lids that brightens up your entire being.

Oh- and not featured in the segment because, well, you only have so much air time :

5- Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer: It's affordable, and it's amazing. I use it pretty much every single day, and you should too.