Today Show 7/24: What To Pack

Hope you guys were able to catch my Today Show segment sharing my personal packing essentials. Over the past 5 years of sharing beauty and fashion finds all over the country, I have been lucky (well, in most cases!) to have hundreds of changes to hone my short-trip packing skills. And here are some of my tried and true stand-bys:

  • An oversized Sir Alistair Rai scarf that I use as a blanket on the plane, a sarong on the beach, a dress for post-beach activities and a halter paired with jeans for a night out. Oh- and of course, it makes a great scarf too- love it with a white burnout tee and J Brand 10" skinnies.
  • Caftans are a huge trend right now-  but when it comes to travel, they are timeless. Right now I love the Completely Me by Liz Lange Long Caftan worn as is to the beach by day (hey, I work in beauty, I gotta cover everything up from the sun- it is in my professional code of conduct or something!) and then, cinched with, yes, you guessed it- a J. Crew Skinny Metallic Belt for sophisticated glamour by night.
  • The more giant Dannijo necklaces I pack, the less clothes I have to bring. They change every outfit you pair them with- and many can also be looped around the wrist and worn as big statement bracelets. I have said it before, and I will say it again- I love love love Dannijo.
  • Any fabric with stretch is going to travel well. Spiegel has a jersey collection that I really like- packs up small, doesn't wrinkle, and they have an Infinity Dress that is pretty damn cool. On the show this morning, I wore my travel-wear surprise- a Jay Godfrey dress that doesn't look like it would be the most comfortable, wrinkle free thing in my closet, but it is. I bring it on every work trip I have and never have to so much as faux steam it in the bathroom- it always arrives looking freshly pressed.
  • For packing tools- of course, you gotta have the Victorinox Travel Gear Packmaster Envelopes. I swear by 'em, you can read more here. Tissue paper is also key- I save it from beauty deliveries I get solely to use when packing to wrap around anything that could potentially wrinkle to keep creases at bay. Simple but effective. Then- you gotta throw in some Shout Wipes and Gal Pal deodorant erasers- nobody wants to have to pack extra just in case you encounter a stain (which I inevitably always do.) These are my version of Fashionable Traveler's Insurance- and they have not failed me yet.