Big Event- I Finished This Product to The Last Drop This Morning

When it comes to products, the ultimate compliment I can deliver is finishing one completely. It rarely happens to be honest. I am lucky that I receive so many things to try, which means go-to favorites are constantly being replaced.  But this morning, I squeezed the very last drop out of my Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Golden. It has slightly more coverage than most tinted moisturizers- which is a good thing. And, the SPF 20 doesn't hurt either. It makes my skin glowy without being shiny and evens out those pesky little red splotches I seem to be prone to as of late.

I also appreciate when I feel like a product really KNOWS me,  you know? Like, gets my lifestyle and adapts accordingly? And when Jouer launched a collection of mini "LMTs" (the in-the-know nickname for the moisture tints) I heard birds singing in the back of my beauty-obsessed brain. They come 4 to a set- one for my gym makeup bag, one for my desk drawer, and 2 for my summer travel stable. Foundation minis typically disappoint- too little product to work with, dinky packaging that leaks, etc.  But these? Pure perfection.

Oh- and not to mention that the founder, Christina Zilber, is one of the most gorgeous, stylish and yes, kind, women I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  I kind of want to be her.