If I Can Master the Elusive Fishtail Braid, So Can You. Promise.


Fishtail braids have always baffled me. I operated under the assumption that they appear so intricate, they must be impossible to do, right? 

As I should have figured from the oft repeated saying that adults tell kids about what happens when you assume (you know the one, right?), I was totally wrong.

All it took was an afternoon on set checking out the new Vidal Sassoon Pro Series collection to prove just how simple the style is to create- and the fishtail has been one of my go-to's ever since.

Sure, it takes practice- but trust me, the option of fishtail braid at your fingertips (literally) is an empowering addition to your hair style arsenal.  Check out my tutorial video with Sassoon Stylist Cristine Cuttaia below for the basics, then, get to work. Summer is around the corner, and you know you will be jealous when you spot some girl sporting a fishtail braid at the beach and realize that your knotted, messy mane pales in comparison. 

Oh- and to find out more about the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series products used to create the look, click here