Germ-a-phobe Chic: CLEAN Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream

I am not a germ-a-phobe at all- probably to a fault. But in an effort not to end up with that dreaded end-of-summer cold, I have decided to become one. Well- that decision could also have had something to do with this new product from CLEAN and the fact that I was looking for an excuse to stock up on it. See, the truth is, the last thing I need in my handbag was another travel-size hand cream. But this one really is different...

Each application of this unscented  cream covers your hands in what I like to think of as invisible germ-killing gloves that stay on for 4 hours- so unlike those instant gel formulas out there, the protection lasts. There is a patented SafetyDerm technology that suspends the germ fighting agents in airy, light layers of moisturizer.  That moisturizer happens to be packed with Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil- three of my favorite hydrating ingredients.

I also like this because if you shake someone's hand and then they sneeze and you get freaked out, you can just pretend to be applying hand cream as opposed to offending them by blatantly pulling out hand sanitizer and all but screaming in their face "You are gross."