Da Bomb(er Jacket).


A girl could make the case for at least 3 winter coats this season:
1- A super-warm, water-resistant puffer coat for frigid and/or snowy days.
2- A more dressy wool coat (perhaps 3/4 length, with a faux fur collar situation) for looking polished when life calls for such conditions.
3- An on-trend fashion coat that is just warm enough, and is part of the outfit- not covering the outfit- so can keep it on while you are out and about without feeling over-heated or weighed down by some bulky jacket that leaves you sweaty and annoyed.

For category 3- l recommend a bomber jacket. The relaxed style naturally lends itself to easy layering- putting a heavy sweater underneath is no problem at all. But, thanks to the elastic band at the waist, people don't assume that you are a giant marshmallow of a person from head to do- the band nips you in at the perfect spot just above the hips. 

My favorite bomber jacket right now is this one- the faux fur and nubby sherpa play into the cozy texture trend that every style insider is obsessing over at the moment. You turn into the most fashionable human teddy bear the instant you put this on- so soft and- this is not a word I often use, as my friends can attest- yummy. Yup. Yummy.

It also combines black and light beige, which means black boots and brown boots (navy too!) are all fair footwear game, if you subscribe to those kinds of rules.

Oh- and if you are traveling somewhere warm for the holidays and need that in-between coat- this is the one. Over a tank top or a thick sweater, it works. Perfectly. And on the planes, trains, and automobiles that holiday hustles are made of, you really could not ask for a better pillow/blanket stand-in.

Here are 3 other options that fit the bill, should you be so inclined:

1- Leopard faux fur gives this a glam factor, but still feels sporty. 
2- Metallic makes this work with basically ANYTHING you pair it with- such a statement.
3- Luminous purple velvet is so so soft, I am obsessed with this one- worth a look.