Mom-Friendly Off-The-Shoulder Top Options.

The current "off the shoulder" top trend is potentially dangerous for a parent. See, even the slightest tug could result in, at the very least, a nip slip. Or, at the very most, we are talking total boob exposure- at which point I don't know who would be more embarrassed- my daughter or myself.  But, so much about the style is insanely appealing- including showing off shoulders which always tend to be slim (even after a weekend vodka and pizza binge), and a billowy silhouette that is equally flattering and forgiving.

Below, details on three off-the-shoulder options that I can confidently recommend to women everywhere who are currently quite familiar with the feeling of a child attached around a leg or tugging on a blouse while repeatedly saying "Mom. Mom! MOMMY! MAMAAAA!". The elastic is trustworthy, the materials are substantial and the styling is simple- throw on jeans (I recommend a pair of these) and you are done. 

Love Sam Bella Off Shoulder Top: The material is a breathable gauze- and the best thing about gauze is that it never looks wrinkled, because, well, it always is kind of (purposefully) wrinkled. So the longevity of each wear is maximized. 

Wayf Lace Top: Built-in lining, generously cut (but not poufy looking) sleeves and, even if the day is super hot and sticky, the crochet style means ZERO sweat spot potential. 

1.State Off The Shoulder Top: It is rayon, so it's resilient. And pom poms are the most fun embellishment of the moment, don't you agree? 

NOTE: Before proceeding with any of the above options- make sure you are armed with a full coverage, supportive strapless bra. I love this one from Wacoal. It stays put, gives you great shape, and in the event of an accidental sneak peak, the material has a subtly shiny and luxe looking finish.  I also recommend a stash of this- a little double-stick tape goes a VERY long way.