Three No Fuss, No Fail (And, Quick Ship!) Valentine's Day Gifts For Guys.

Shirt  (similar, more practical for now style that is also over 60% off now!) /  Jeans  /  Oversized Heart Ceramic   Ring

Shirt (similar, more practical for now style that is also over 60% off now!) / Jeans / Oversized Heart Ceramic Ring

Like many of you (giving you all the benefit of the doubt that you are not a "candle-lit bubble bath for two followed by rose petals spread on the duvet" kinda crowd), I don't buy into the idea of Valentine's Day needing to be this insanely romantic occasion. Too forced, too cliche (sorry, can't figure out how to do a damn accent acute on Squarespace!), too "ugh I have to put on pants that button?!" for me.

But, since in years' past, my husband has surprised me with a few fancy gifts (he is good like that- and, funny enough- when it comes to things like fashion and accessories, his taste is often much better than my own!), I like to keep a handful of "in the event I catch the hint that he is getting me something good" gift ideas on my radar- typically ones that can be procured quickly via Amazon Prime and their partner retailers.

Here are 3 picks for unique, yet completely useful, Valentine's Day gifts that you can order at the last minute...ya know...just in case. (And hey- if the gift exchange thing doesn't happen, they are super easy to return, haha.)

Coravin Wine System
With this, if you two want to enjoy a glass of wine as you unwind from the day, you will never feel bad opening up a really good one. With this, you can reseal even the best bottle in your wine fridge to be good as new! Coravin's system keeps wine safe from oxidation, allowing it to continue to age naturally- the non-coring, faster pouring needle allows access to wine without cork damage. Really genius- we saw this at a friend's house a few months ago, and Brian still can't stop talking about it. 

Want Les Essentials Money Clip Wallet
Combines the best of both men's-pocket-friendly-wallet needs- a money clip for cash, and pockets for credit cards and ID. Plus, I love the neutral color combo- whether his style tends towards the more modern, minimalist black and navy hues, or the more classic browns and camel tones, this feels on point. 

Filson Barrel Pack
He has a briefcase. He has a travel bag. This falls perfectly in the middle- that sweet spot between work and weekender, perfect for heading to the gym, a one night getaway, or to lug extra essentials on any kind of outing. The canvas is durable, and the style is timeless. 

QUESTION: Do you exchange Valentine's Day gifts with your significant other? What is the best gift you have ever given (keep it clean, people... keep it clean...)

Photo credit: Samantha Rose Photography