The Best Workout Leggings To Look Crazy Toned.

I consider myself a connoisseur of athleisure. The amount of time I spend trolling Carbon38 and Bandier would just be embarrassing to calculate. But given the important role an amazing pair of leggings can play in one's (or at least my) daily dressing ritual, I consider said time well spent. Especially since it led to the discovery of the leggings that I swear have some sort of magical power to make your legs look spin-instructor-toned even if they aren't even close. 

What are these life-changing leggings, you ask? They come from an Australian activewear brand called The Upside, and the style is called The Power Pant. The fabric is strong- which may sound like an odd way to describe a fabric, but it is appropriate. The material has a compression quality that allows it to be the most flattering form-fitting pant ever. The finish has a lustrous sheen to it that enhances the muscle tone created by the compression, and all this is topped off with a drawstring waistband so you can breath comfortably. Perfect for year-round wear, they are lightweight and quick drying.  Currently I am rotating between the Owl LeopardSafari Palm and this Arrow pair.  The brand has other pants in the collection, but the Power Pant is the only one in the bunch that features this fabric. And it is all about the fabric.

I live in mine, and you are gonna live in yours too, they are worth every single penny and then some. Seriously. I do a double take every time I see myself in the mirror with these puppies on, because I feel like there is no possible way my legs could look like that.

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