FOUND: A "Long Enough" Top

I spend hours online searching for seasonally-appropriate tops (sweaters in winter, now on to long sleeved tees for spring) that are long enough to wear with leggings and fully cover my backside. Subsequently, I spend even more hours packing up purchases to send back after I discover that when you put them on, they simply do not provide the coverage that is required, in my opinion, of any female over the age of 18 wearing leggings outside of a gym class.

Keep in mind, people, I am not tall- 5'2 at best- nor do I have an abnormally long torso. But for the life of me I could not find an easy-to-throw-on top to wear with my beloved Sassybax leggings that looked put-together and, most importantly, DECENT. To date, I have resorted to wearing my GapMaternity tops- sans baby bump, they are quite long. But given that my daughter is now 14 months old, they are pretty tattered and my husband groans in disgust every time I put one on. Rightly so.

Well, imagine my elation when I was in Lululemon yesterday (true, I am usually elated every time I walk into Lululemon because I freaking love everything in there so much) and I spotted a super long tank top. I walked out with a black one, and while it is not the tee shirt I dreamed of (I am a big fan of sleeves, I've always had an arm thing) it does get the job done. Layering is required- so far I have paired it with a jean jacket, and today, a cropped boatneck sweatshirt. Even with a dressy blazer, this tank would look completely appropriate. The proprietary fabric that Lululemon uses has such a polished, matte finish to it, you never have to relegate it to strictly workout wear.

The only major downside that I must warn you of is that, due to the cut, you either have to own a racerback bra or go strapless. Or show your bra straps, but that kind of defeats the purpose of covering up your butt in the first place, if you catch my drift...

[Image above is from Lululemon website.]