Fashion Find: Shorts That Flatter The Short. For Real.


In theory, shorts are a summer essential. In my personal reality, shorts are potentially the most daunting style to pull off. Ever. Which is unfortunate given the fact that they actually make one of my summer pet peeves- the whole warm weather battle of the thighs- null and void.  Note- if you don't know what I am referring to with the thigh thing, then a) I hate you and b) consider yourself lucky.

At 5'2", shorts never seem to look right anyway. So I had pretty much given up on the whole thing. Until Monday when I made a pilgrimage to Yumi Kim on the Upper East Side and decided to be bold and give the Moni Shorts a try.

They are amazing. Just the right length, sit perfectly on the waist (a bit high perhaps but this actually makes them more flattering, creating the illusion somehow of a longer leg), drape flawlessly, and the floral print means that you can pair with the most boring tee shirt you own and still look incredibly put together. Wore them last night to dinner with a bright coral Hunter Dixon silk tee and nude Brian Atwood Maniacs and felt pretty darn cute.