Beauty Guinea Pig: Lash Boost


Beauty experiments are kind of my thing. While I am not typically the first one to take a huge fashion risk- when it comes to beauty stuff, I have never been afraid to test drive a new product. Even if it is gonna make me look a little weird- I figure, the weirdness is temporary (hopefully!) but the ability to share my experience first hand never ceases to provide compelling content!

So- when given the chance to preview a new eyelash enhancing serum, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to put on my guinea pig suit (if only I really had one, right? Creepy but a good photo op) and test it on ONE eye. Yup- one eye. Because I feel like being able to show a true, real-time side by side comparison is best way to truly judge efficacy- and, pardon the bad pun- eye-catching. 

Little did I know just how eye-catching the result would be. 

Above, 2 pics I took of myself (with my iPhone) 7 weeks in to testing the new Rodan + Fields Lash Boost. I applied one swipe of the biotin and keratin enriched formula to my upper lash line each night before bed. For the first 2 weeks, my test eye did feel a little sensitive, but eventually that sensitivity went away and I was left with lashes that appeared crazy full, dark, and long. Like- noticeably more full, dark and long. I now look lopsided. But it was kind of worth it to be able to say with complete and total certainty that this sh*t really freaking works.

You apply it along your upper lash line, and while you sleep/when you blink, just the right amount transfers onto your lower lash line so you get the benefit there as well.  The serum can also be used on your brows, but, as you can perhaps detect in the photos, my brows tend to be a little full and unruly naturally so, I stuck to the lashes. 

I plan to stick to the one eye thing until I hit the 12 week mark to really see the maximum result, but I couldn't help myself- I had to share this today. As a born over-sharer, especially when it comes to beauty products, it just felt wrong keeping this to myself.

If you want to hear more about my experience or try the product for yourself (one tube lasts about 3 months and if you don't love it, you can return within 60 days for a full refund), shoot me an email, leave a comment below or message me on Facebook- I can hook you up with a discount and free shipping.*

*NOTE: As many of you may know, earlier this year I decided to jump in and add a Rodan + Fields skincare business to my plate. Felt like a no-brainer to be honest- I had fallen in love with the products (specifically, at the time, the REDEFINE regimen and AMP MD roller- this micro-needling thingie that seriously changed my skin) and I got to partner with some of my smartest, most creative friends and former colleagues. Plus, it gave me the chance to dive in and nerd out on all the product info and ingredient research, and play publicist again (this time, as my own client- and in my opinion, I am the easiest client ever, ha)   So yes, if you want to try Lash Boost, I am thrilled to order it for you. But, if you have a friend who is an R+F consultant, they can as well. No pressure to get it from me- but I REALLY think you should get it. For yourself or as a gift. Especially because there is a limited edition holiday bundle right now- you get a free mini REDEFINE eye cream and cute (like, actually cute, for real) makeup pouch when you purchase Lash Boost- and who doesn't love a freebie or two?