This Is a Baby Gear Game Changer, People: DockATot

There have been tons of new baby-related inventions between the time I had Alexa in 2011 and Goldie's birth in 2015. And the one I have been most excited about- and dying to share- officially launched this week in the US and, well, if you have a baby or know anyone who has a baby or at some point in your life may have a baby, you really need to be get up to speed on DockATot

Just before I gave birth to Goldie, I received a Facebook message from a woman I had known for many years back in my PR days- she launched an amazing newsletter called A-List Mom, and since then has been involved in several super innovative and interesting product launches and business concepts, the most recent  being  importing a multi-functional Swedish mommy must-have called the DockATot to the US after using it (and becoming obsessed with it) for her own son. 

The day I came home from the hospital with Goldie, two things were waiting for me. One was a fabulous and knowledgeable baby nurse, and the other was a giant box from DockATot. After hugging the baby nurse with the desperation and urgency of a woman scared to death of newborns, I opened the box and, as women such as myself tend to do in these moments, asked the all-knowing baby nurse if she thought it was okay to try it out in Goldie's crib. She was basically like "Heck yea!"- so in it went. 

Perfectly marrying style and functionality, this uniquely shaped (dare I say womb-like?) pillowy egg cradles little Goldie, keeping her snug in what, even now as we pass the 6 month mark, seems like the most giant crib in the world.  As needed, we take it out of the crib and move it around the house to give her a safe (and familiar) spot to chill, play and sneak in a little tummy time. It really is so awesome.  If we go away with her for a night, we throw this in the car and, regardless of location, she feels totally at home.  When we traveled to Texas to visit family last month, we conceded to checking a piece of luggage (GASP!) because it was just unimaginable for us to not to bring our trusty DockATot along for the ride. 

DockATot is available in 2 sizes- Deluxe (0-9 months) and Grand (9-36 months). We just switched over to the Grand size- a bit earlier than anticipated given that we are three months shy of the 9 month milestone, but I felt like she could use a little extra wiggle room as she began to experiment more with rolling over and such. And in a few years when she transitions to a bed, the Grand can transition with her, keeping her feeling snug and safe while also minimizing those startling middle-of-the-night wake ups I remember from the time we moved Alexa into her big girl bed and would hear THUMP and then "MOMMMMYYYYYY" as she tumbled to the floor.

There are a slew of chic cover options to choose from- all of which are machine-washable and safety-tested. So far I have just covered it with a super-soft Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, which has been working wonderfully, but it is nice to know that the product designers have taste that is just as sophisticated as yours and have introduced covers that won't make you cringe. I promise, there is nary a duckling or a stork in sight. 

Check out their newly launched site here for additional product info, FAQ's and images- and, if you order one before Monday July 20, you will receive 20% off!