The Fall 2018 Children’s Eyewear Trends You Need To Know (Even If You Don’t Think You Do).

 Alexa’s frames are from Skechers, and Goldie is sporting sunglasses from Icon Eyewear.

Alexa’s frames are from Skechers, and Goldie is sporting sunglasses from Icon Eyewear.

When I was a kid, I wanted glasses SO badly. When, in 7th grade, I found out I actually needed glasses to see distance, I was over the moon. I promptly picked out a pair of oversized red frames (a la Sally Jesse Raphael- I know, I know…) and wore them 24/7. To this day, I LOVE wearing glasses- even when I don’t necessarily need to!

Which is why, two years ago, when my daughter Alexa found out that she needed glasses, her reaction surprised me. She was devastated. Hysterical. Defiant. Nobody else in her class had glasses, and she didn’t want to stand out. I mean, how could this be my kid?!

I went on and on about how lucky she was to GET to have glasses and how cool it would be to get a few pairs and match them to her outfits (just like she did with her hair bows at the time) every day.

Since preschool, Alexa and I have had a tradition- we get manicures together, and then buy a backpack the day before school starts. This year, we added a trip to our local eyecare provider to shop for new eyewear to the itinerary; armed with trend scoop I am privy to as the style expert for The Vision Council. While generally my 7-going-on-17-year-old daughter thinks I am clueless, she does admit that when it comes to picking out glasses, I may actually know a thing or two.

Keep scrolling to check out the top children’s eyewear trends for Fall 2018, so you too can be in-the-know in the event that glasses are on your back-to-school shopping list (and bookmark this, because, well, take it from me- they may not be on your list currently, but you never know!). And if your kiddos haven’t had an annual eye exam yet this year, make sure to get that on the books.

(Side note: We had the best time shooting images for this post with our neighbors/besties Julian and Simone- love seeing how eyewear totally brings out different parts of everyone’s personality, right?! The frames featured are, from top left, Polaroid Kids, Icon Eyewear, Lulu by Lulu Guinness Kids, Icon Eyewear (Goldie snagged them from Alexa!), Lulu by Lulu Guinness Kids (had to include 2 shots of that pair, Simone looks so adorable in them!), Skechers and Icon Eyewear.

Eyewear Trends for Girls:

 From Top: Icon Eyewear, Skechers, Lulu By Lulu Guinness Kids

From Top: Icon Eyewear, Skechers, Lulu By Lulu Guinness Kids

Colors- Shades of seafoam, sky and teal are having a moment, and while pinks and purples are always hot in this category, grape and soft and hot pink hues are especially in style. Neon green is the go-to statement shade, and there are lots of multicolor frame offerings as well.

Shapes- Bring on the whimsy- cutesy animal shapes are super fun, as are heart-shaped and sassy cat-eye frames. Bookish rounds have a vintage vibe, and of course, old-school aviators and wayfarers, along with classic rectangle shapes, are timeless. And whether she is on the field or simply a fan of sporty style, sporty wraparound shapes are recess-ready!

Details- This is where it gets exciting- girls can express their personalities with prints, glitter accents, gem embellishments or sophisticated double bridge styles. Translucent effects, two-toned coloration, and gradients elevate the color trends to make unique style statements.

Eyewear Trends for Boys:

 From top: Polaroid Kids, JINS Kids Collection, Superflex Kids

From top: Polaroid Kids, JINS Kids Collection, Superflex Kids

Colors- Green is a definite go- be it mint, forest or an electric shade. A prevalence of turquoise and indigo blues, citrus reds, oranges and yellows demonstrate that brighter may just be better this Fall, while unexpected pops of white and tortoise round out the options with an element of sophistication.

Shapes- Rectangular silhouettes come in modified, rounded and sporty versions as well as the quintessential classic, but there are also easy-to-wear-rounds, shield-inspired shapes and whimsical ovals to choose from.

Details- Stripes, camouflage and abstract patterns are the bold way to go- while milky effects, double and keyhole bridges and layered accents subtly provide pops of personality.

For a full rundown of the trends, check out The Vision Council’s Eyecessorize Children’s Fall 2018 Look Book HERE. And for more details about eyewear and eye care, visit

Note: This post is sponsored by The Vision Council, but all opinions are completely my own!

Photo Credit: Caroline O’Kane Photography

This Weird New Lip Product Is Actually EVERYTHING.


When the mailing for the new Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse landed on my desk, I stared at it for like a week before even attempting to use it. I just didn't get it. The name "mousse" to me signaled something wet and whipped- but this product looked like a powder eyeshadow (in a compact that looked like it would hold powder eyeshadow, no less). I had tried lip powders before over the years, and in my experience, while the pigment payoff was always amazing, the dry formulas tended to feel icky and look old-lady-pancake-y within an hour of applying it.

Well, one night, in a pinch, as I ran out the door, I grabbed one of the Urban Decay Lo-Fi Lip Mousse compacts in the shade that looked least intimidating to me- Halo, a warm but still bright pink. In the back of an Uber, I dipped a finger tip into the powder and- EUREKA- it is not powdery at all! It feels almost like an air-light gel- cool to the touch and weightless. I like to press it onto my lips with my ring finger- that deposits just the right amount of product- working it across the top and bottom lip, dab dab dab (as I type that I can visualize it, not sure if it translates but, here's to hoping!).

If you want to buy one thing to take your look from "glossy, shiny summer" to "sophisticated, polished fall", this is the the thing. It's waterproof too which is super cool and the fact that it is so light makes it easy to build. So this one product could be both your everyday hint of lasting color AND your night-out bold statement wow factor. 

Halo is my favorite shade because it is the easiest to wear and, in my opinion, the most universal to start with. Wavelength is my other top pick- it is a medium pink/purple that is perfectly suited to this kind of matte formula. Amplify is the closest to a classic red, but better because people scared of a matte RED RED will like how this can be used lightly- the formula affords for options, and options are everything. In life and in lips, as I think about it...

Have you tried Lo-Fi? Let me know what you think- or if there are any other new Fall lippies you are loving, do tell...

Recap Of Our Family Trip to Bar Harbor, Maine.

 Why yes, Goldie is flipping the bird in this photo. But it did lighten the mood, so we laughed. Which is a much better photo op than pushing ourselves off the cliff. So, there's that.

Why yes, Goldie is flipping the bird in this photo. But it did lighten the mood, so we laughed. Which is a much better photo op than pushing ourselves off the cliff. So, there's that.

We did it. An 8 hour car trip. In a rented mini van. And, that was one of the highlights (for me, at least.) Which just goes to show where the bar was set for our recent trip to Bar Harbor, Maine. We had BIG expectations, I'll say that from the get go. Everyone raves about Bar Harbor as one of their favorite places ever, so I went in assuming it was going to be all easy hiking trails, cool breezes and lobsters falling from the sky. And while it is a really cool town to visit, for us, it was a little tough. Here is why...

1- My mom was renting a house nearby. (Sorry, mom!) My mom is amazing to us- and our girls ADORE her- but family trips with little kid are stressful enough, and add trying to make a grandparent happy into the mix, and the stress level skyrockets. We felt like we should be with her every day, but also felt like we wanted to go at our own (judgement-free) pace too. So, there was that.

2- The weather was unusually HOT. Like, the hottest days they can recall having in Bar Harbor, ever. We were melting- physically first, then mentally- as it tends to go.

3- We are not, by nature, an outdoorsy adventuresome crew. Goldie's legs are like 5 inches long, and Alexa's patience for hot weather and any activity that doesn't involve slime is slim to none. So hiking just wasn't happening. Nor was exploring the beaches. Nor was walking more than 4 blocks.

4- Our hotel left MUCH to be desired. We stayed at the Harborside Hotel, which is located in the best spot- right along the water, steps from the sand bar (which is why they call it Bar Harbor, now it all makes sense) that pops up to walk and play on in low tide each day. However, aside from the location, it doesn't have much going for it. Our room was dusty and gross (there was a piece of old lettuce shriveled on the floor when we arrived), the pull out couch had springs popping out everywhere, and the staff was surly at best. I could go on, but, well, in the interest of glass half full- location, location, location. BUT- when you don't feel comfy in a hotel (especially when traveling with kids), it does affect the trip.

Despite the little hiccups as outlined above, we did have moments of laughter, joy and lots of delicious lobster. So, let me give equal time to our favorite Bar Harbor highlights so you can bookmark the good alongside the the "eh":

1- First, the food. We LOVED Stewman's Lobster Pound and ate there twice. At first we were skeptical because it was located right in the center of tourist trap zone, almost too conveniently located to be good. But when I realized it was one of the Bar Harbor picks that Eva Martino shared on her blog (which is one of my daily reads) Happily Eva After I instantly felt okay about it. Her taste is impeccable on all things- and she has been going to Bar Harbor with her family for years and years. For breakfast, 2 Cats is cozy and delicious- the strawberry butter alone is worth the walk. And Jordan's Diner- a famous local spot for blueberry pancakes- is the quintessential timeless greasy spoon- and I love me a greasy spoon. One night we went to Isleford Dock Restaurant- which is a 30 minute water taxi from Northeast Harbor- and the food was insanely good. The service was insanely rude (maybe they were having an off-night, not sure) but the grilled caesar salad, Asian ribs and lemon cake were delicious. And the kids were restless by this point (it was the last night of our trip) so the fact that there was a little boardwalk they could run around on was helpful too. 

2- Diver Ed's Dive In Theater is A MUST.  And I am rarely entertained by kid's "shows". Ed and his wife take you out on this rickety dive boat from which he jumps into the water with a camera attached to him, and we see in real time what he sees via a big screen tv hooked up in the front of the boat. He is silly and sarcastic and smart- a winning combo for parents and kids alike.

3- Timber Tina's Great Maine Lumberjack Show  - like Ed, Tina is engaging and funny and makes the show somehow educational while still being really entertaining. But- don't forget your bug spray. You will need it! This is a great evening activity- eat at Smokey's first en route. It is about 5 minutes from the show venue, you can play cornhole while you wait for your food, and they play great motown and southern rock music over the outdoor speakers. 

4- Pit Stops. On the way up, we stopped for lunch in Pittsfield, Maine at a place called Vittles. We sort of went as a joke- the name made us giggle and we were a little loopy from the ride and thought it would be fun to go super local. The food, you guys... SO GOOD. The chef is legit- read the details on their site- and every single thing is made from scratch. Random, yes- but an essential stop along the way should you ever be passing through. On the way home, we did an overnight pit stop in Portland, Maine and it was amazing- I wanted to stay longer.  Brian saw it was called Bon Appetit's Restaurant City of the Year, which inspired the spontaneous sleepover. Our hotel there- The Portland Harbor Hotel- was perfect- clean, modern, with a super friendly staff and a pull-out sofa you could actually (gasp!) sleep on.  We had the best dinner at Fore Street- and could have walked the cute cobblestone streets for block and blocks (the ultimate compliment from my crew.). 

Feel free to leave links to any favorite Bar Harbor spots in the comments- we will surely be back for many summers to come (determined, to quote "Clueless", to "make fetch happen", especially since my mom loves it there and plans to go again next summer for 3 months), and always looking to up the experience...

Saying Yes To The Thing You Never Would Say Yes To...Or, How I Ended Up Bringing My 3 Year Old To a Concert.

 This picture is awful, but this dress is PERFECT:  Carolina K (similar style)

This picture is awful, but this dress is PERFECT: Carolina K (similar style)

In many (MANY) ways, I am lame. One of such ways is my general lack of desire to ever attend live music events. They feel daunting and unnecessary to me- the schlep, the bathroom lines, the abundance of songs performed that I have never in my life even heard, and so on. Add kids into the mix- and consider my RSVP to be a hard NO, so don't even bother inviting me. (Granted, as I wrote about my P!NK concert experience, I am slowwwwwly warming up to the whole rigamarole...)

Until someone did. And I said YES.

On Saturday, we were hanging around, figuring out our afternoon plan, when a text came in from my decidedly more adventurous, former patchouli-wearing, live-music loving friend Amy. The text read something along the lines of "Heading to Darius Rucker concert in Hartford late afternoon, bringing [our 7 year old]...any interest?" We had no babysitter lined up for Goldie, I didn't even really know who Darius Rucker was besides the Hootie & The Blowfish dude, but for some truly bizarre reason, I was like "This is the most un-Falik thing ever, who are we? What time are we leaving?!".

It was game on. My husband is a big live music fan and an experienced outdoor concert goer, so this gave me a small sense of comfort with it all, but deep down, I was freaking the f*ck out. 

I set up a StubHub account (something I also never thought I would do), bought 4 tickets for lawn seating, packed and repacked the car like 6 times with different arrays of snacks and sweatshirts and iPads, put on a dress and cowboy boots, and we were off.

It was awesome. We spent the first 90 minutes tailgating in the parking lot (I didn't even know that was a thing before music events- to me, it was synonymous with football games, but you learn something new every day, I suppose), with Alexa, Goldie and Q, our friends' 7 year old who also happens to be one of Alexa's very good friends, setting up camp in the back of our SUV. Eventually they decided to venture out and talk to strangers (within our eye view), sharing a communal container of chicken fingers and even getting in on a game of KanJam. We made our way into the venue around 7:15- stopping along the way to get the kids awesome cowboy hats and the requisite concert tee (also purchased were emergency bribery cupcakes, a giant salty pretzel, and a round of double Tito's and sodas). The girls were so in awe of the scene and the crowd, it wasn't hard to keep them up and moving until we found a semi-muddy spot on the grass to throw down our blankets and listen to the music.

We lasted about an hour, give or take- fleeing just before the headline act (Lady Antebellum) hit the stage. This was smart for many reasons (pre-empting the potential for an overtired melt-down, avoiding the exit crowds)- a worthy "sacrifice" (if you can even call it that) to make the overall experience a good one all around. Sure, I would have liked to see Lady Antebellum (again, something I never thought I would type) but I liked getting my kids out of their with smiles on their faces (and mine) more.

Memorable moments? There were so many. Dancing to "I Only Wanna Be With You", watching the other concert goers fawn over the girls and high five us for bringing them (sure, the concert goers may have been totally drunk 20-somethings, but still...I'll take parenting kudos where I can get it), singing "Wagon Wheel" and realizing Alexa knew most of the words, that moment when Q threw the frisbee and it bounced off of Goldie's belly into the KanJam basket, the girls chatting up the car parked next to us in order to get a tour of their souped up Wrangler (and then asking to take photos in front of it)...And, because this topic has come up here before (read this post if you don't know the backstory), I am especially proud of assisting Goldie in a no-toilet-in-sight parking lot pee. Brian even snapped a photo as evidence that it happened.

Takeaway of the post (since I have been raised in the school of "every blog post should have some sort of actionable takeaway so my readers actually learn something in exchange for taking the time to indulge my verbose prose)? When you want to say no, say yes RIGHT AWAY. Don't think about it, don't weigh the pros versus the cons, do not pass go and do not collect $200. Just type back Y. E. S. and trust that even if you get a little pee on your cowboy boots, it's all gonna be worth it in the end.

You MUST BUY These 12 Limited Edition Beauty Deals At The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you guys AREN’T shopping the BEAUTY deals at the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which starts Friday July 20 and runs through August 5th (but shop early because the beauty stuff SELLS OUT every year!) you are missing out. I know this because, when I was a publicist, Nordstrom Beauty was my client. I got the inside scoop on just how incredibly well-priced the LIMITED EDITION items are – and how much work goes into creating them to make sure they are not only the best values- but the best products!

We are talking gift sets made of best-sellers that never get put in value-priced sets, jumbo sizes of the most iconic products, palettes comprised of the most popular shades. Even high priced beauty tools not only get deeply discounted, but bundled with “extras” that the rest of the year, you have to shell out for separately. (FYI I am buying THIS immediately- it has been on my wish list for 4 months and when I saw it in the sale, I let out an audible gasp.)

I scoured the beauty offerings that go live sale FRIDAY, JULY 20 at to narrow it down to the 12 buys that you should put in your shopping cart STAT.

1-    Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Glowing Skin Palette: $75 gets you $150 of her most popular powder, contour, blush and glow shades all in one. This is one of my favorite brands on earth, FYI. Oh- and throw this lip kit in your cart too- every gorgeous girl on Instagram raves about it.

2-    NEST Fragrances Liquid Hand Soap Duo: Bargain bundle for the most luxe hand soaps that you can divide and turn into the best hostess gifts. This soap duo is equally chic, with a more modern aesthetic if that's your thang.

3-   Jumbo Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Body Lotion: A once-a-year opportunity to score a giant pump bottle of the lotion that EVERYONE- men, women, kids- loves for $52. Buy now, save for Christmas (or at least tell yourself you will). Other jumbo picks? MALIN+GOETZ Rum body wash  and this Kiehl's Grapefruit Cleanser which is just $33!

4-    OUAI Summer Faves Set:  $32 for $56 worth of Ouai’s 3 buzziest products? Yes, please. Use the Leave In Conditioner to soften hair, a dollop of Dry Texture Foam for instant beachy-ness, and Rose Hair and Body Oil leaves strands silky and fragrant- I travel with this because it multitasks as my perfume!

5-    NuFace Trinity Anniversary Facial Toning Kit: I am buying this stat- you can read more about my love affair with the miracles that microcurrent has done for my skin HERE- this is the gold standard for at-home use, approved by the FDA for facial stimulation to  improve facial contour and tone the skin. This is the only time I have found it on sale- normally $325, it’s $217.75 now! Cue the cheering squad. 

6-    Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body XL Shimmer, Shape, Hydrate & Glow: OMFG. This is Charlotte’s secret trick for celebs on the red carpet, in a bottle so big it holds $214 worth of the skin-firming, body bronzing formula- but will only cost you $75!

7-    Rodin Olio Lusso Skincare Duo: I have coveted this brand for years- the epitome of chic. I would put the Luxury Hand & Body Cream in my “hostess gift” closet, and keep the iconic Luxury Face Oil all for myself- the scent is off-the-charts, as is the glow it gives your skin.

8-    slip for beauty sleep Slip Silk Queen Pillowcases: These anti-aging, anti-bedhead pillowcases are essential for true beauty sleep- I swear by mine.  A pair would usually cost $158- wait til you see the special Anniversary Sale pricing!

9-    Oribe Gold Lust Set: Get this to keep in your gym bag or suitcase to eliminate bad hair days on the go. Truly the gold standard of hair care- just ask any celeb hairstylist.

10-   GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool Face & Eye Set: The patented technology works from the inside out by triggering skin's natural healing process and inducing micro-regeneration deep within the skin, while creating new collagen and restoring skin's volume. This set has EVERYTHING you need in one box to brighten the eye area and get glowing stat.

11-   Sunday Riley: Ok, full disclosure- this set was sold out in the pre-sale. But THIS one is still available and if you are all in on the Vitamin C skincare badnwagon (you should be), the value- and the efficacy- are top of the line!

12-   RMS Beauty Glowing Set: 3 full sizes of the best luminizers for face, eyes (the Eye Polish is insane, you guys), lip & cheek, bundled with the perfect brush for $86- this will sell out, fo sho.




The Ultimate SPF Edit: 5 Face Sunscreens You Need To Own.


We are midway through summer (gulp) and by this time in the season, I have tried like 100 sunscreens (not kidding) and narrowed it down to provide you this screen-shot worthy essential edit for every sun-drenched situation...Here goes:

Every Damn Day Essential: La Roche Posay AOX Daily Antioxidant Serum SPF50
Light and easy to make part of your everyday skincare routine- this makes putting on SPF just one of those things you automatically are inclined to do each morning. It's all about habits, people. 

Under Makeup Essential: Urban Decay Urban Defense Complexion Primer SPF30
You should wear primer anyway on hot days when you plan on wearing makeup, and this formula is perfection. Minimizes the look of pores and fills in those fine lines for youthful appearance, instantly.

Makeup Free Beauty Boosting Essential: Volition Prismatic Luminizing Sunscreen
It has sold out 6 times already, and I can see why- it leaves skin looking more even and glowy, and it is made with super clean ingredients. If chalky-looking sunscreen is your pet peeve, this is the answer to all your issues- goes on beautifully!

On-The-Go Glow Essential: Supergoop Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF 50
I featured this in my recent Today Show segment- not only do I love the travel-friendly format of a stick, but it is just as glow-giving as my favorite highlighting sticks, but with a big time bonus- sun protection where you tend to need it most- the contours of your face that tend to get the most sun.

Outdoor Activity Essential: Elta MD UV shield SPF 45
Beauty Insiders are OBSESSED with this brand's sunscreens because Elta somehow has figured out how to make a physical sunblock that doesn't clog pores, melt off in the heat or leave skin looking pasty.  It uses Zinc Oxide (the gold standard when you want to REALLY protect your skin) but has formulated it in such a way that it is suited for normal and oily skin. One perusal of the reviews on Amazon validates the accolades this brand continually gets from dermatologists and beauty editors alike.