Pull Together Your Holiday Party Outfits With These MAJOR Sales.

If you want to update your closet with easy grab-and-go holiday party pieces- or get a head start on gift shopping (boring...this weekend should be about YOU...but I get it if you are a more thoughtful person than I am)- here are 3 amazing sales you need to know about, and the top pick items based on my hours spent sale-scouting from bed this afternoon: 

1: INTERMIX- An extra 50% off sale.

2: Bloomingdales- Up to 50% off select items.

3: Anthropologie: Up to 20% off select items.

Holiday Season Style: The Piece You Need To Buy NOW.

 SHOP THE LOOK:  Sweater  /  High Rise Skinny Jeans  /  Boots  (similar to pictured) /  Backpack

SHOP THE LOOK: Sweater / High Rise Skinny Jeans / Boots (similar to pictured) / Backpack

And so it begins.... The over-eating, the constant traveling, the non-stop pace of having to be here, there and everywhere...And the icing on the proverbial way too big slice of Holiday Season cake? What the F to wear for it all. 

I implore every single one of you to find a generously cut but structured (so it doesn't look like you are trying to be comfy- rather, it looks like you have great style) statement sweater. The one I have on is from ASOS, and it comes in several colors. Its that combo of an angled hem, scuba-material pleats and a chunky knit that has me like "whoa THIS is the sweater I am gonna wear with my leather high waisted pants at Thanksgiving because it will TOTALLY hide the fact that my fly will be undone 5 minutes into the meal", and for work meetings thereafter the exact same combo will be perfect- polished and fashion-y, yet seasonally appropriate and, most importantly, COMFORTABLE! 

The sweater will most often be seen, however, with jeans (I just got these and they are amazing- and under $100) and high boots.

Here are 5 other statement sweaters that serve the same purpose (comfort disguised as fashion savvy)?
1- Faux Layered With Flounced Ruffle Hem is under $100, and can be broken up into separates.
2- This is oversized yet drapes in a body skimming way that doesn't add bulk- plus, those sleeves! And, that sparkle!
3- One of my favorite under-the-radar brands has this lace-tipped and super ladylike looker. 
4- Shows off the one body part that ALWAYS looks good, the ultimate architectural, minimalist statement sweater
5- IMHO, this sweater's hue is the most sophisticated spin on neutral- which makes the flounce factor that much more interesting. 


Photo Credit: Samantha Rose Photography

The Best Fall Dresses: Floral & Floor Length (And Not Strictly Formal)


Until recently, I perceived dresses that graze the floor to be best suited for fancy affairs.  Which is unfortunate given that they have qualities I would love to employ to my advantage for all kinds of affairs- they add height, cover up pasty or poorly shaven (read: unshaven) legs, allow you to get away with more comfortable shoe options like a lower heel, wedge or (insert gasp here), ballet flat.

Enter a Fall/Winter dress trend that gives us the best of all worlds- a bevy of floor-length dresses that are totally wearable beyond black-tie.

While I had admired photos of many a style blogger donning floor length dresses in an effortless “oh ya know, just going out to dinner with some friends and threw this on” way, it never seemed like something I could get away with.  But, as they say, you never know until you try- so, I tried. Specifically, I tried this dress from Alice + Olivia. And in an instant, saw how wrong I was.

The dark floral print feels season-less, and the cascading tiers of crinkled chiffon make it so wearable, because I don’t have to stress about wrinkles (I rolled it up in an overstuffed suitcase this past weekend and it arrived unscathed- even though said suitcase was so embarrassingly overstuffed.)

Other key factors when looking to acquire a floor-length dress that you will wear over and over (and over) again:

-A defined waist that gives structure so the dress doesn’t swallow petite frames whole.

-Edgy details to make it clear that this is not a precious frock only to be work at formal events- in the case of my dress, it is all about the exposed zipper down the back.

-Mock neck is very on-trend right now, yes- but it also serves a second purpose- to encourage you to throw your hair up in an ponytail/bun/top knot/braids because that enhances the impact. (And, yes, gives you a free pass to not blowout/curl/fuss with your hair- SCORE!)

Below, six fantastic floor length florals that will be your best friend on chilly fall/winter nights when you are going out and want to look all fashion-y but don't want to shave/spray tan your legs/deal with your hair/wobble around in stilettos. (Click on any of the images to get more info/purchase- I'm getting all fancy here, interactive images WHA?!!)


Peplum Frills & Denim That Will Give You Chills....


Peplum has long been one of my most favorite fashion trends. It always looks stylized and fashion-y, without ever really feeling fussy. And, the whole structured ruffle situation is endlessly feminine and flattering- both wins in my book. So- when I was hosting an event at WEST (an amazing boutique with a swoon-worthy insta- follow them here), and got to borrow an outfit for the evening from their multiple racks of amazingness, the above Katharine Kidd top was the first thing I tried on. And ultimately, the easy winner in the "what the F do I wear" contest. 

Initially I tried pairing it with black or super dark skinny jeans- and something just wasn't right. It needed more contrast to fully highlight the dramatic swoop of the high-to-low peplum.

Which is how I was formally introduced to the brand that is apparently the biggest deal in denim right now, MOUSSY.  Featuring premium Japanese fabrics, MOUSSY jeans feel like worn-in pajama pants but look like authentic-vintage-but-better.  The price tag is steep (you can check out a bunch of options HERE) - but if you wear jeans 24/7, may just be worth the investment. (Note: This is also how I feel about these sneakers- when I first saw how $$ they were, I gaped- then I caved, and have never looked back, so...there's that.)

Below (or, if reading this post in your inbox- HERE), more night-out peplum in the spirit of my Katharine Kidd top (which can be yours with a call to WEST at 203-557-4157), and my 5 favorite pairs of MOUSSY jeans that I think work best for day-to-night-to-weekend-lounging-to-everything-in-between. 



FOUND! The Steal Versions Of 3 FALL FAVES I Was this-close To MAJORLY Splurging On.

There are 3 trendy things that I have REALLY wanted to buy for fall. But in all 3 cases- perhaps because, as I mentioned like 10 words back, they are trendy- I couldn't pull the trigger on getting the expensive version. 

So- I scoured the internet between the wee hours of 2-4am since that is just how I roll, and found amazing steal options that, thus far, have served me VERY well. So, wanted to share...you can click on any of the images below for more info on each item. 

1- Fitted & Feminine Nordic Sweater: First spotted on Goop for $428 (and, sold out in pretty much every single size), this version is $120 and fits flawlessly. I plan on wearing it regularly with high waisted jeans and icy pink blush come winter. 

2- White Bootie: At first, the shiny white shoe trend horrified me. Now, I am stalking down every influencer I follow on LikeToKnowIt (more on that later) to find out where they procured the pairs they seem to wear in every damn photo. The Manolo version just seemed silly to shell out almost $1k for- but the (cue the gasp) EXPRESS version (!!!)? Killer. 

3- Velvet Pencil Skirt: Currently VERY into velvet (yeah, I know- who isn't?), and dreaming of styling a deep blue pencil skirt as pictured below with a white tee and ankle boots. This $885 skirt initially peaked my interest, but luckily, this one fits like a GLOVE and rings in at $140 (oh, and you can get 25% off with the code 7V2T at checkout- nice.)


Happy Shopping!

FOUND! The Best Brand For "Grown Up" Dresses You Will Wear Constantly.


When I was in my 20's, I lived in cute, colorful mini dresses that I would buy en masse from brands like Tracey Reese, Rebecca Taylor, Nanette Lepore and Milly. The brighter the hues, the pouffier the skirt, the shorter the hem, the better. I was working in beauty PR at the time, and went out to parties after work pretty much nightly. And I was (relatively speaking) a baby! So these pieces made sense for me, and I would wear them ALL. THE. TIME. For, like, years. 

Then, life changed. I grew up, started working for myself from home, had kids, moved to the 'burbs- you know the drill. And when I needed a dress for anything- a TV appearance, a charity luncheon, a client meeting, a dinner party- I was still, often times, recycling the dresses of my "youth" but topping them with a blazer and more "sensible-ish" shoes.

What I needed to find was a go-to dress brand (or 2 0r 10) that hit the sweet spot of "functional for adulting" yet still fashion forward and throw-and-go/easy to wear. And, worth investing in. Since I no longer need to wear these dresses daily, if I am give a a $350-$500 dress real estate in my closet, it must be able to stand the test of time and lend itself to versatile styling- i.e. work with tights and pointy toe pumps, as well as bare legs and knee high boots.  

If the above scenario sounds relatable to the fashion demands of your life- let me introduce you to Sandro.  This French brand, that had been on my radar peripherally for years, happens to make dresses that fit the bill PERFECTLY and you really must become familiar with it immediately.  I recently purchased 3 dresses- this conservative but cute long sleeve velvet frock, this ultra-flattering dress up/dress down lace number, and this gorgeous green go-to. They have already gotten a bit of wear, and I know there is MUCH more to come. Mom-friendly (i.e. just enough coverage to chase a kid around without looking matronly), well- fitting (no tailoring needed, which is rare for me!) and on trend but versatile and truly timeless (at least for the next 3-4 years, in my estimation), they really check all the boxes.

Trust me, I have tried on a TON of dresses over the past couple of years in an effort to recreate the "never stressed about what to wear/get dressed and out the door in under 10 minutes and look totally put together" ease of my twenty-something dress arsenal. The styles from Sandro are the first ones I have found to consistently deliver- love having anew go-to brand to instantly edit the shopping process- because really, at this stage in life, who has the time?