What To Wear When You Commute To Work.

  Lace Culottes  /  White Tee  /  Pink Heels  (identical to pair shown and 1/8 of the price that I paid for mine!)

Lace Culottes / White Tee / Pink Heels (identical to pair shown and 1/8 of the price that I paid for mine!)

When we moved from Madison Square Park in the heart of NYC out to Westport, Connecticut 5 years ago, I was fully aware that the way I worked would change. At first, I was panicked that it was the end of everything. I quickly learned that it was most definitely not- living in suburbia actually helped me to focus on the aspects of my career I loved most, and removing myself from the frenetic energy of the Manhattan gave me just the space I needed to be more selective. As opposed to taking everything that came my way, (because if I didn't, I'd have to sit next to the girl who did at some breakfast event and listen to her wax poetic on it for 45 minutes straight) a quiet okay-ness with not being the busiest blogger/tv contributor/brand ambassador on the planet came over me.

But something that took me MUCH  longer to figure out? What the F to wear on the days I had to commute into the city for meetings and events and shoots. 

Arriving at a destination looking polished and professional after a 90 minute Uber-to-train-to-subway journey is an art that I have finally mastered. These tips- from over 5 years of trial and error testing- are useful to anyone who has to get from point A and arrive at point B looking cool, calm and (stylishly) collected.

1- Lace and sequins are your best bet. They are crazy durable and wrinkle-resistant. These are my best travel buddy year-round, and I have an arsenal of black, navy and camel-toned sequin tees and blazers that pair nicely with dark denim as another option. Also, lace/sequin pencil skirts are great- easy to throw on a white t-shirt and go. Oh- and neither of these things show sweat stains. And commuting can be a hot and sticky affair, in the least appealing way ever. my friends. 

2- Short pants are the only pants. Because anything other than flip flops/ballet flats/sneakers is NOT an in-transit option- nor are the tell-tale creases/dust marks on your pants when you do make the stiletto switch in the elevator upon arrival. I am seriously grateful for these lace culottes every damn day.

3- Hair extensions are essential. I have clip-ins (the same ones for 10 years and counting). They hold style better than my real hair, and don't get sweaty and in turn frizzy like actual hair can. So no matter the elements, my hair maintains some semblance of style. Mine are from an amazing place in NYC called Helena Collection, but you can get "off the rack" clip-ins here

4- Your not-fancy footwear should be, well, fancy. Sometimes, you will get caught in the elevator before you complete your shoe swap. Or run into a professional contact on the train. In the interest of not channeling "Working Girl", invest in a pair of fashion sneaks (yes, I know these seem silly expensive, but I swear to you, they are worth every penny- and you can get them for a major markdown when you shop off this imported-from-Italy site.) When you can get away with flip flops- always opt for these

5- Get a backpack. Being hands free is HUGE. Plus- and I always say this, but- something about wearing a backpack always makes you stand up taller and look younger. I adore this one- especially since you can wear it with anything, dress it up or down, and get it via Amazon Prime (score!).





The Quick 6: Swimwear, Home Decor, Skin Savers, Workout Wear and More...

Just a random sharing of things I want you to know about:

1- FLAGPOLE Swimwear: Credit on this one goes to my bestie Miryha- she told me about her new swimwear obsession and it very quickly became mine too. The most gorgeously modern suits with unexpected but amazing color combos- plus, you can order on Zappos and Shopbop which means trying and returning is so simple- key when it comes to trying a new swimwear brand.

2- PLAE Sneakers for Kids/Toddlers: I have raved about this smartly designed brand many times in the past (including HERE), and currently, we are loving this hightop in Aurora Suede- reminds me (and more importantly, Alexa) of a Unicorn in Outer Space, which is clearly an upgrade to the basic Unicorn trend that we are slowly tiring of. 

3- Magic Globes for Cooling/Sinus/Facial Massage: They stay cool for HOURS, and feel amazing first thing in the morning when you wake up congested and puffy. The stimulation also helps to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and large pores, and the cooling effect may also help to activate collagen fibers to improve skin elasticity. I am obsessed with using these twice a day- right when I wake up after applying eye cream, and, if I am going out in the evening, before applying my "time to face the world" makeup. And YAY that you can get them on Amazon Prime!

4- Opalhouse Throw Pillows: Stumbled across this new brand at Target the other day, and bought 3 pillows- itching to go back and get more though. The quality is insanely good- and especially, in my opinion, the velvet styles. They look like custom-made super pricey designer versions, seriously. Check out the entire assortment HERE and swoon.

5- Urban Decay HiFi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss in SPL: Overall, this new gloss collection is top notch, but special shout out goes to this holographic candy pink with iridescent sparkles shade that still lets your natural lip color shine through so you don't look as if you are suffering from an oxygen deficiency. IMHO, this is a grown up way to wear a festival-inspired lip trend. 

6- Outdoor Voices Activewear: When this brand first reached out and asked if I would like to test it out, I was like "meh, sure." My workout wear preferences tend toward the more glossy black compression, high-tech looking styles- so the heathered fabrics and simple designs didn't grab me right off the bat. Well- when I am wrong, I am WRONG. These leggings are so flattering- and quick-drying, important if you sweat like I do and then want to run errands without looking like you should be wearing adult diapers. I am not that girl who works out in a sports bra and leggings- but in Outdoor Voices, I totally do. The combo of THESE high waist leggings and THIS crop bra top is EVERYTHING! Get on it, people. 


The 5 White T-Shirts You Need To Own

Having a great white t-shirt ready to be worn at a moment's notice is the ultimate fashion gift to give yourself right now. As we head into warmer temps (hopefully!), being able to throw one on with jeans, track pants, a pencil skirt, these leggings, whatever it may be is the easiest way to get out of the house in minutes looking totally put together.

Currently I am madly in love with THIS t-shirt/tank top hybrid, as seen in the photo above. Tucked into my beloved Madewell high-waist jeans (THIS is the pair I own in every wash), it is an instant outfit.

Below, additional picks to round out your collection. From the waist up, consider your Spring style update DONE. 

1- My Favorite: You already know this one- but in the interest of making the numbers in my shoppable image (trying new things to make this blog easier for you guys to shop from- just click the + icon on each image to go to the product page!) line up with the text, linking it again HERE

2- 70's Inspired Color Pop: THIS Monrow tee is perfectly cut, and has the best striping situation. All you need are roller skates, and you are off and running :)

3- Knotted: A big trend at the moment, THIS front-knot tee hits at the perfect spot, and the price can't be beat- sure, you can find $10 versions but when you want a white tee that is gonna last for more than like 4 washes, spending $30 on quality is wayyyy worth it. 

4- Beach Ready: Put pom poms on anything and I swoon (case in point, THIS hat I shared on Insta that quickly became one of my most clicked items)- especially when they adorn THIS simple white tee that has the most flattering shoulder situation. 

5- Best Basic: Slim cut, crew neck, substantial weight but not at all heavy, THIS is a keeper. 


The Quick 6: Best Spring/Summer 2018 Bags To Buy

Wear Everywhere Woven: This is like a bracelet and a bag in one- adore the gold metal handles dangled from my wrist, and the woven knit bag is sturdy (and roomy enough for an iPad or hardcover book if I am commuting) but still looks really light and airy. It comes in blush and black as well- selling out fast, so GET ON IT, peeps. 

Red / Pink: First off- you guys won't believe how well-priced this bag is- or where I happened to find it. But besides that, the whole red/pink combo is one of my favorite trends right now, and this easy clutch has just the right touch of whimsy to make it work for day and evening.

One Word- Gucci: Basically every single Gucci bag is top of my wish list at the moment- and this one (which we happened to get my mom for Christmas in hopes she will let me borrow it) is, in my opinion, the perfect pick from the current collection. A subtle sheen, sized just right, able to go cross body or over the shoulder, and, there happens to be the sweetest hidden detail on the back that just makes it even that much more special. (This is also a great option at a less daunting price point, FYI.)

Belt Bag, But Not As a Belt: The return of the fanny pack freaked me out too, guys. But then when I saw (don't judge) one of the Kardashians wearing it slung under her arm like this  I was like- oooh, this I could do (esp. because she did it while carrying a kid on her back, an accessory-averse situation many moms are familiar with). Love this sporty version- because it just feels like it makes sense as part of an athleisure look more so than a glam going out deal. 

Beach Ready Boho: Under $70, this also fills my typography quota, and the color combo is such that it literally works with every single thing in every single closet. The distressed canvas and the just-right-to-tuck-under-the-arm straps are also A+ attributes. Oh- and check this version out, too...I kinda want them both. 

Round w/Tassels: The bag made to be worn with every spring dress imaginable, let this hang down off your shoulder for a long, lean line, or you can get practical about it and go cross-body. Either way, it holds what you need it to, and is that perfect juxtaposition of structure sitting next to airy silk ruffle springiness...This bag is the current style blogger obsession- and while I adore it, truth be told, if my kids can see inside my bag, it is only a matter of minutes before lipstick is all over everything in arms reach.


The $17 Pants In My Closet That I Can't. Stop. Wearing.

 Get yours  HERE . 

Get yours HERE

I am a total sucker for the ads that pop up in my Instagram with splashy images of the fashion items I am currently on the hunt for (how do they know EVERYTHING?!?) and price points that make it impossible to NOT click through to "Shop Now." Which is how I stumbled upon THIS site- and ended up filling a shopping cart with random items to try. As my husband and I joke when I eat a donut after breakfast, or polish off a second martini when I swore I was just going to sip one- "it's for SCIENCE!". 

As I delved into the abyss that is SHEIN, I threw this hi-lo floral print trapeze top, these leggings (a knockoff of the Lilybods I had been wanting to purchase anyway), this summery embroidered top and- the piece de resistance (sorry no clue how to do accent marks on Squarespace!): THESE TRACK PANTS

You guys, they are AWESOME. The material is soft instead of scratchy, the elastic waist doesn't pinch and sits at a good spot just below the waist,  and the length hits right at the ankle- no tailoring needed (which is a good thing because I would surely have a moral issue paying $12 for a tailor to shorten $17 pants).

I wore the tunic to dinner last Friday night (as you may have seen in my Instastory, if you happen to follow me there which I hope you do!), and, while the material is more sheer than in the photo, I kinda loved it. I added a belt because the fit is WAY roomy- but for $14, it is a fun piece to have in my closet. Same goes for the embroidered top- cute and whimsical, no complaints. The leggings were a fail!- See-through, flimsy, and the white striping started to peel off within an hour of my first wear.

If you have never shopped SHEIN, you have nothing to lose- shipping on orders over $49 is free, you have 60 days to return for a full refund, and the site has like 1,000,000 items on sale at any given time. 

Here (pictured below) are 10 of my favorite finds on the site. Please leave a comment if you have ever ordered off SHEIN and share your hits and misses so I can add to my list, 'kay?

PS. I recommend you steer clear of the workout leggings- unless you like the person behind you at SoulCycle getting a full view of your butt- and perhaps a peek at some crack- while you ride.