Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Picks Worth Every Single Penny.

Between attending beauty industry events,  being privy to new launch mailings, doing television segments on all things beauty, and creating online video content in the beauty space, I am fortunate to have amassed a closet full of (or, more accurately, overflowing with) products.  A very good problem to have, I agree. Since I was 23, I can probably count the number of makeup purchases I have made using my fingers and toes- and two such purchases happened in the past month, a result of discovering the wonder that is Charlotte Tilbury

She is revered as one of the most talented makeup artists in the world, known for giving women the most insanely glossy skin, chiseled (but not in a scary way) cheekbones and her signature sexy cat eye. Even the most jaded makeup mavens I know were in a tizzy when Charlotte launched her namesake line in the UK in 2013, bringing back suitcases filled with their finds.

Two of my go-to makeup artists (Erica Whelanand Kerrie Weisman) used her products on me on several occasions, and I vividly remember thinking every time I climbed out of their chairs and looked in the mirror, "Holy sh*t, my skin looks amazing."  So I went online and put two products in my cart: 

Wonder Glow Instant Soft Focus Beauty Flash is part anti-aging elixir and part radiance boosting light diffuser. It can be used on its own to give even the most tired, sleep-deprived skin a truly (not copy writer go-to jargon) lit-from-within, dewy glow, or as a primer to blur fine lines and smooth the skin under foundation. I love it most worn over my foundation, dabbed on with a Beauty Blender as needed for instant luminosity. One shade suits all, and by suit, I mean majorly, majorly flatters.

Filmstar Bronze & Glow is, at first glance, a simple highlighting duo kit. But, the Bronze happens to be the perfect universal blend of pearl and pigment to leave behind a sun-kissed complexion while also having the ability to contour features flawlessly. The Glow flatters any skin tone- it isn't white and silvery like some highlighters can be, rather, it is warm and golden.  The powders are so soft and blendable, application is basically fool-proof. Charlotte has some great tips and video tutorials on her site as well which are very helpful. 

I entered my credit card info, and eagerly awaited the packages arrival in a way that I can best liken to my five year old self, waiting for my Grandma to appear at the front door carrying a coveted Cabbage Patch Kid doll.

When I came home to the box sitting nonchalantly on my doorstep one evening, I tore it open and ran right up to my vanity table where I proceeded to do a full face of glamorous, night-out ready makeup. Then I promptly put on pajamas and cued up a Netflix marathon of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt". But I just couldn't help myself. There is something to be said about wanting- really, really wanting- specific beauty products, seeking them out, paying full retail, and feeling a deep sense of joy each and every time you have the pleasure of using them. 

(This is me all Wonderglowed and Bronzed up, ready to head out for the night. I am smiling so big here because I know I don't have to put either of my girls to bed, there is lots of vodka in my near future, and I have on elastic waist leather pants.)