I Hate My Hands. But I Love This YSL Polish.


I have chubby hands. And short little fingers. I do not say this to inspire you to proclaim "no you don't, Jenn, you have beautiful hands"- I say this because it is a fact. Every time I get a manicure, without fail a comment is made about my cute little hands and pinching ensues- and inside, I cringe. When my husband proposed, he did so with an engagement ring featuring a double band because apparently he was told that would create the illusion of longer fingers. The jury is still out on that one.

One side effect of this whole hand situation is that I find it very hard to wear colorful polish- reds look like I am a little kid who was playing in her mom's makeup drawer, neons draw way too much attention and dark hues make me look like a pre-schooler gone goth. So I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude polish. And I found it.  The new YSL Nail Lacquer in Beige Leger is perfection. It falls somewhere between creamy and sheer, with a glossy finish that makes even my stubby little hands look sophisticated.

You dainty long-fingered ladies can have your hot pinks and your sea greens. I will stick with my Beige Leger, thank you very much.