Notes From My Vanity: 'Twas Quite The Week

Oh my, am I happy it is Friday. This week was a DOOZY. (Is the word doozy hokey? It doesn't sound that way to me when I say it, but for some reason when I type it...)

This time, right before the holiday season kicks into full gear, is always a super crazy one for me. I feel insanely fortunate to have a bunch of amazing projects happening right now- you all may have seen the program I am doing with Shutterfly (if not, check it out- fun style tips for taking the perfect family photo) plus several national segments in the works (the hours of prep that go into 3 minutes of television is mind-boggling) and then some- but for some reason, when it rains, it pours- and things can go from fun to frenetic in a matter of hours.

Add to that a nanny with the stomach flu, and, well, frenetic quickly turned to frantic.

Here are the three beauty products that saved me on a daily basis:

1- Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo: As a dry shampoo devotee for many years, I am not easy to impress. This one, however, is impressive. It isn't a dry shampoo you use to make your hair feel clean- rather, it is a dry shampoo you use to strip any appearance of oil from your roots and subsequently achieve the most voluminous, sexy hair you have ever had in your entire life. The texture it gives to each and every strand is unparalleled. I spray it almost like hair spray all over, then brush furiously with a paddle brush, and from there, wing it. One day I did a messy bun with a black elastic headband near the hair line, another day I flipped my head back and forth a few times, used my fingers to create a middle part, and decided to go bold with a pretty crazy person 'do. (Note- I mean pretty as in attractive. Or so I like to think. My husband, after dealing with me all week, may beg to differ.)

2- Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes: First thing in the morning, when a shower just isn't in the cards, these are the most refreshing way to start the day with a clean (but not too clean so as to be all dry and uncomfortable) face.

3-Korres Lip Butter (Wild Rose): It's lip balm, yes. But this week it also served as a cream blush on several occasions when, upon seeing my reflection in the rearview mirror of a cab, I realized how incredibly pallid I look this time of year on 4 hours of sleep.