The #1 Reason To Buy A Lip Pencil?


It is the best beauty hack for truly long lasting lip color. 

When the new Colour Pencils from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics came across my desk, I fell in love with the red, pink and coral hues. Specifically the vibrant magenta called Hoochie. Yep, Hoochie. So, instead of just using it to line my pout's perimeter, I filled in my entire lip. The pop of color was major, yes, but in a really good, matte, sophisticated way. Not, as the name may imply, hoochie-eque whatsoever.  And it lasted. From the time I applied it around 4pm until I came home from a meeting, dinner with friends and post-dinner cocktails and karaoke well after midnight. I didn't have to re-apply once. 

The other essentials for creating a flawless long-lasting lip look? This makeup artist favorite (and sweet-tooth satisfying) lip scrub and this iconic (and affordable!) lip balm. 

Oh- and if you have yet to find the perfect product to keep lipstick from feathering into those annoying fine lines around the mouth, check out the Anti-Feather invisible pencil, a standout solution if I have ever tried on.