Earrings That Make Your Skin Seriously Glow...

A few months ago, over dinner with Keri Levitt, I fell in love. And while of course I adore Keri (she is the founder of Keri Levitt Communications and a fellow Westporter- a publicist and a local, kind of my perfect match), I am actually referring to the earrings that she wore. I was hypnotized by them the entire meal- teardrop stones filled with iridescent sparkles that, depending on the light, alternatively appeared to be gold, bronze or silver within seconds.  

The way that they frame the face creates the appearance of glowing, lit-from-within skin. I know it sounds weird, given that these are neither makeup nor skincare, but honestly, these earrings have the same (if not better) result. 

Figuring that they were a super expensive splurge, I didn't inquire about them. Sometimes I feel like it is awkward to put people you are just getting to know in that position- where you ask about an accessory and they sheepishly try to avoid giving you the details on said accessory because of the insane price tag attached to it.

However, 3 days went by and the earrings were still very much on my mind. So I inquired...

Imagine my surprise- and subsequent delight- when Keri informed me that they are by her client, Marcia Moran, and retail for $198. Significanly less than the $1200+ price tag I had assigned them in my head.

These stunners have yet to even see the inside of my jewelry drawer- since getting my hands on them over a month ago, I have worn them pretty much every single day.

You will too.

Marcia Moran Large Drop Earrings- $198 at www.shop-marciamoran.com.