This Watch Looks Much Better Than A Smartphone Taped To Your Wrist


With the advent of the smartphone as timekeeper, even I (the most time-obsessed person on the planet, not kidding) stopped wearing a watch every day.  To be honest, I sort of forgot about watches altogether. But when I realized that   at my phone every 2 minutes to make sure Alexa and I would be on time to school was driving her nuts- "MOMMY! Put down your PHONE!" is a chorus often repeated during the morning rush chez Falik- it knew it was time to figure out a better solution to keep my "time disorder" under control.

A few days later after said revelation, I spotted the most sleek, modern, striking oversized watch on the wrist of a very stylish PR maven. Throughout our lunch meeting, I was eyeing it, trying to be all sly and figure out what brand it was so I could stalk it down for myself. Luckily, when she caught me squinting and kind of tilting my head in a weird way to get a better glimpse, she volunteered the information. The watch was from the new Timex Originals collection.

And nothing is over $75.

Who woulda thunk it?

Not I. Hence, I felt compelled to share a quick peek at my favorites with you all. Enjoy!