The Best Skirt I Have Ever Owned- Commute Tested & High School Reunion Style Approved.


This skirt is EVERYTHING. And, I scored it on ASOS for $32 (here is the link).

Why is it worthy of being called- in all caps, no less- EVERYTHING? Well, in order of importance:

1- The "scuba" material (actually polyester, feels like neoprene) is so durable- it withstands what I call the "commute test"- 70 minutes on a sticky Metro North train into Grand Central- without a wrinkle in sight.

2- You can pair it with anything to make it appropriate for everything. In the photo above, I wanted to look all professional- hence the pointy-toe stilettos and that denim jacket you guys know I love so much (yeah, I know- torn denim isn't so professional in most professions, but luckily in mine, it works). The photo below is from my 20th high school reunion this past weekend (next to me is my best friend/reunion planning partner in crime/next door neighbor, Miryha). I wore the same skirt, with a bodysuit and open-toe metallic sandals. 

3- The band at the waist sits high enough that you can wear a fitted top with it and not worry about things pinching and rolling when you sit down. 

4- The pleating makes for a very dramatic effect- without making it look like you are all puffy and potentially pregnant with a food baby underneath.

This print is on sale- hence the $32 price tag- but there are many other versions to choose from. I LOVE this sophisticated navy version (amazing with a silky black cami for a cocktail party). The bright red would be awesome with a blue and white Breton stripe shirt. This layered version is super flouncy, yes- but the muted blush layer keeps it from feeling too precious.  And there is literally no reason I can think of to NOT buy this classic black one. 

So click on over, and shop away. You won't regret it one bit.