Virtual Shopping: Thread Social Maxi(ish) Dress

There is something about the effortless glam of a maxi dress that I obsess over. But at 5'2", they often swallow me whole and I look like a little kid who played in her very chic mom's closet. However, since I refuse to wear flats with anything above the knee, and some "dress-necessary" occasions (such as fancy beach bbqs and outdoor cocktail parties) make high heels hazardous, every season I seek out a perfect long option.

Easier said than done. Until I came across this...

Purchase of choice: Thread Social Silk Crepe Strapless Gown

Why to buy: The olive green hue is season-less (I can definitely see topping this off with a camel moto jacket and boots come fall) and the elastic waist can be positioned to sit wherever you feel it is most flattering on your frame.  And it is that good kind of strapless- the kind that won't pinch under the arms creating little fat rolls where you definitely don't want them. And the opening in the front shows the skinniest part of the leg- and won't overpower a petite (read: short) stature.

How to wear: Keep it clean and simple- I would just go with a thin gold chain necklace and/or oversized yet still delicate hoop earrings. Hair in a high ponytail to draw attention to the collarbones, and definitely a creamy nude gloss on the lips. For shoes, maybe a dressy raffia thong style or a chunky wood platform with luggage brown leather straps.