As Seen On: Beauty Breakthroughs from "Good Morning Texas"

When it comes to getting pretty for party season, these new breakthroughs will help you look your best with maximum impact and, most importantly, minimum stress.

Stila Makeup Player- $69.90 at
Makeup lessons on demand- tips and tools included. Oh, and did I mention the makeup lessons are FREE? Not too shabby.

Kelly VanGogh Heads Up! Highlighting Kit- $49 at
The first fool-proof way to do highlights at home- you watch your color change as it works, and when the desired shade is reached, spritz on the deactivator and voila- perfect color.

Vavoom Design Pulse Switch Flicks Wax Gel by Matrix- $16 at salons, for locations visit
A genius 2-in-1- on wet hair, it acts as a smoothing styling gel, and when applied to dry hair, it turns into a malleable pomade to create piece-y, textured style.

Vaseline Sheer Infusion- $6.25 at drugstores
No matter how dry your skin may be, this packs twice as much moisture in a light and silky formula as other lotions and doesn’t need to be re-applied mid-party.

Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting Duo- $40 at
Use this multi-tasking miracle to get bronzed from head to toe- the powder formula goes on the skin with a dewy glow. If you put a beach vacation on hold- this is a nice way to fake sun-kissed skin.

Molton Brown Aroma Rocks- $45 at
Beauty sleep is essential- and this is the most glam way to get it. Pop open the top and let the blend of cedrus tree oil, sweet Florida orange oil and Bulgarian lavendar oil ease you into a good night of rest.