As Seen On: Great Gifts to Give from "NC8 News"

Here are some great gifts that also offer great values, as featured in this segment from NewsChannel 8 in Washington, DC.


• Beauty brands tend to offer amazing deals in the forms of gift sets that come with extra goodies and amazing gifts with purchase that don’t cost a penny and can be re-gifted because they look like a million bucks.

• Look to off-price retailers this year more than ever because they are getting tons of in-season merchandise because other retailers have reduced their inventories drastically. So you can gift the must-have items that the people on your list are seeing in departments stores and boutiques- and they never have to know that you saved big time.

• A big trend in gifts this holiday season- which is a direct result of the lifestyle trend in spending more time at home/nesting- are things geared around staying in- including cozy loungewear, home pampering presents and home décor items. The great thing about all three of these categories is that they correspond with well-priced offerings- you don’t need to spend a lot to get a super comfy sweater, a decadent spa kit or a fun trinket for the home.


Limited Edition Michael Kors Very Hollywood Gem Set- $90.00 at Macy's

A true value- this is perfect for the beauty loving fashionista because not only does she get the best-selling new fragrance- but she gets a decadent body lotion and- the most exciting little extra- a giant cocktail ring filled with a solid version of the perfume.

Lands’ End FeelGood Cardigan- $69.50 at

Soft as cashmere – but offers the durability of cotton- these are cozy and comfy. Also- for every piece sold, Lands’ End will donate FeelGood yarn to One Heart Foundation’s Warming Families, a nationwide knitting charity. Lands’ End has donated thousands of pounds of yarn to the charity where volunteers plan to knit up to 25,000 hats and other items to warm the homeless.


Aramis Classic Executive Collection- $62.00 at Macy's

Aramis is the quintessential guys grooming and fragrance brand- and this gift set is the perfect way to pamper the manliest of men.

Old Navy Slippers- $19.50 and up at

A super comfy take on the classic men’s essential- these are lined with shearling and have a very on-trend Mad Men feel to them.


MiniBoden Applique Shirts- $28 at

One of the best things about this charming British online clothing retailer is that you can find special items that not every kid will be wearing- their clothing tends to sell out like crazy, so think of this as a limited edition essential!

philosophy have a cherry christmas- $16 at

This is one of those products that actually will make kids excited about bath time- and it also works as a shampoo and shower gel so a true multi-tasker. Gentle on the skin, it foams up into a fun and sweet smelling bubble bath.


Crystal Deco Candle Stick Holders- $14.99 each at TJ Maxx stores

These are modern, sleek and literally go with any décor- which is crucial when bringing someone a gift for their home. They look like something from a fine boutique- just put them in a fancy gift bag- you can use a wine bag which will fit them perfectly- and you are pretty much guaranteed an invite back next year.

Molton Brown Marrakech Dreaming set- $58 at

Three things every hostess can always use- elegant hand soap and lotion for the powder room- and a fragrant candle to set the ambience. Filled with Rose Granati favorites, this lasts much longer than an actual bouquet!


L’Occitane Sweet Cherry and Shea Vanilla Hugs & Kisses - $18 at and L'Occitane stores.

Two of the brands best-selling products in new flavors and limited edition bundles, these are perfect to stuff in stocking- you can even break the set up to share the love! Exclusive Gift with $100 Purchase- FREE at

If you are planning to purchase multiple gifts online, then head over to to snag some extra swag. You can keep the limited edition Erikson Beamon bag for yourself if you want- and then fill stockings with the over $150 worth of samples that are stuffed inside.