As Seen on TV: Why I Am A Flywheel Fanatic

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My best friend threatened to un-follow me on Twitter if I continued to constantly tweet about it. I plan my days around it. And I sit anxiously at my computer waiting for the booking window to open each week and strategize the night before about how I can make sure to get in the classes I want. To say that I am obsessive about Flywheel is clearly an accurate statement. But it is for a good reason, and this New York Live segment I filmed with my friend Lilliana Vasquez pretty much sums it up.

The segment came about when Lilliana and I were catching up over dinner and, as per usual, all I could talk about was Flywheel. The only way I could get her to check it out herself (Lilliana is one of those naturally teeny girls who I would typically hate if she wasn't so freaking nice and talented) was to agree to film a segment there. And as part of the deal, I had to show up in my Flywheel ensemble- a tank top and leggings- which is pretty much the most risqué thing I have ever worn on camera in  my life. But, a true testament to the body transforming power of Flywheel, I actually don't cringe in horror when I watch the segment back. That in itself, ladies, should be more than enough to get you to check it out.

Trust me, it is life changing. And this is coming from a girl who spent her whole life avoiding workouts that made her sweat in hopes of preserving a blow-out. 

I could go on about Flywheel for pages upon pages,  so if you are curious to know more about it or want to join me for a class one day, shoot me an email