A Skin Saver I Swear By: African Botanics Marula Oil

I use it in the morning before I put my makeup on. I use it mid-day to renew my glow-factor, and smooth my cuticles since manicures lately have been few and far between. I dab a bit on the ends of my hair so the ends don't look like straw when I throw it into a braid, and before bed, I massage it into my skin after cleansing because it just feels so damn amazing. 

"It" is African Botanics Marula Oil, which makes my skin feel super soft and look super healthy and is packed with more antioxidants than any other oil out there.

Oils have been my skincare secret for almost a decade- and I will say this (not to brag because trust me I am aware there are MANY things that are not flawless about me, I will be the first to point them out!) I get compliments on my skin all the time. More so recently since I began using this deliciously hydrating one- which, in the Joyus video below, I will tell you all about.

I know, I know- you can hardly contain yourself you are so excited- so go ahead, click away: