One Tip That Will Make You A Manicure Master.


Long ago, an on-air personality and producer (ahem, Amy Palmer) much more experienced than I, gave me a piece of advice.  She said, in the nicest way possible, that unkept nails are unacceptable on TV. Especially for a beauty expert showcasing products that require fingertip footage.  At the time, I was 25 years old and really had no excuse not to get a quick pre-segment manicure at the nail place underneath my apartment. 

A decade later, I have many excuses. I have a kid I want to hang out with. Nail salons in suburbia close at 6pm. And in the rare event that a 30 minute block of free time appears on my calendar, I can think of 30 more productive ways to spend it than confined to a chair, obsessing over my to-do list.

So I started doing my own nails. But even my best efforts resulted in an imminent chip (or five). As such, I resigned myself to sheer shades. Pretty and practical, yes. But kinda boring, no?

Enter celebrity manicurist Tracylee.  I worked with her on a video project for Sally Hansen (she is the brand's Nail Ambassador), and between takes she gave me the tip that I share in this installment of Selective Eye.

Tracylee, I owe you. Because ever since you shared this super simple nugget of knowledge, the most punchy hued polishes in my collection have gotten their chance at  (chip-free!) on-camera close ups.