"Babymoon" with my BFF- The Lodge at Woodloch

First up- to be clear on something- I can't stand the term "babymoon." It makes me feel physically ill- like I ate way too much cheese in one sitting. I refuse to use the term to describe the trip I am taking with my husband later this month- but something about it when referring to my girls weekend with my long time best friend Nicole feels sarcastic and kind of okay.

We treated ourselves to 2 nights at the Lodge at Woodloch in Hawley, Pennsylvania- and it was pretty perfect. A beautiful 2 1/2 hour drive from NYC, I will venture to say that facility-wise, it is nicer than Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA and much less expensive. Here are some highlights:

The Activities: We did a trail hike on Saturday morning and loved it. It was challenging, but in a good way, and quite scenic. Our guides were so nice, we never felt unattended to, and in the van ride back they gave us trail mix- added bonus :) Later that afternoon we took a Restorative Yoga class- the teacher was a little thrown off by the fact that we were pregnant which I can understand- so it ended up being more of a make-it-up-as-you-go session- we had the class to ourselves. On Sunday, we took Dance Fusion cardio (Nicole  is a big fan of letting her inner diva go wild via classes like this, so she talked me into it) followed by Stretch & Tone. Enjoyed them both- at 50 minutes each, they flew by and while they weren't terribly challenging, it was a nice way to get moving.

The Spa: We each signed up for a Pre-Natal Massage- and mine was divine. The spa facilities are gorgeous- not over the top but pristine and well-staffed. If (or when!) I go back, I will definitely take more advantage of their services.

The Food: Delicious. Small portions but great options, plus at breakfast and lunch there was a buffet so you could easily create your own meal (the menu options for these meals stayed the same daily- so I can imagine if people stay for a week, it could be tedious). We definitely weren't dainty when it came to meals- but actually never felt stuffed or uncomfortable which I attribute to the quality of the ingredients and lack of excess salt or sugar.

The Verdict: A perfect place for a girl's getaway or a mother-daughter weekend. I love that it isn't too stringent- unlike Canyon Ranch, the cocktails are flowing and while I wasn't able to indulge this time around, it is nice to know next time I could throw back a martini should I so desire. You can make it as spa-like as you feel like you want it to be- and personally, when it comes to travel, I always appreciate options.