Fallen Victim To A Streaky Self-Tan?


So have I.  And it sucks. Or, at least it did suck. Until Bronze Buffer was invented.

Now, even after a faux glow has fully developed, flaws can be fixed. Which is really the only way to guarantee a perfectly even flawless finish. I mean, how does one know instantly that she accidentally went a little heavy handed on her left knee or didn't use the most expert technique when applying to her forearms until glancing in the mirror hours later? And for many, just the anticipation of this moment- seeing a streaked and spotty reflection and not being able to go back in time and make it stop- is enough to deter self-tanning altogether.

See this genius little puppy (and my warm-up for a horror film cameo) in action, and then click here to buy. Enter "selective-eye" at checkout and receive 20% off your purchase through Sunday, April 27.