Grab $5. Go To The Drugstore. Buy This Body Wash.

As much as everyone is all into Greek yogurt these days, I have to admit- it grosses me out. Yogurt in general, unless of the frozen variety, makes me cringe. I wish I liked it, but I just don't.  Something about the texture...

I do, however, LOVE the new Dial Greek Yogurt Body Washthat I happened to discover by chance at the bottom of the bag o' swag from the recent Cosmetic Executive Beauty Awards Product Demo (more on that another time, because I do need to fill you all in on what equates to a beauty-industry-high-school-reunion-meets-Oscars-voting-meets-Sephora-plus-CVS-on-speed event).

Dial is one of those brands that really has not been on my radar in years (0r dare date myself and say, decades?)- and to be honest, with this packaging and the quality of the product inside, I actually thought it was another drugstore brand that also starts with a "D" for the first 2 weeks I was using it, until I decided to write about it and took a closer look in an effort to craft this very post.

The whipped texture is definitely yogurt-y, but in this case (and ONLY in this case), I appreciate it. Why? Because the viscosity allows time to really work the formula onto your skin. You know how some body washes are so light that one drop of water from your shower sends the product flying down the drain before you get the chance to reap it's benefits? Yeah, that annoys me. Dial Greek Yogurt Body Wash doesn't do that. At all. Which is a very good thing because trust me, the Vanilla Honey scent is so yummy (note: in general, the word yummy also makes me cringe but in this case, it feels like the perfect descriptor) you want to relish in it for a few extra seconds, and your skin will be healthier and more hydrated for it. 

Cough up a few bucks and buy yourself a bottle. It is a significantly more useful drugstore impulse buy then, say, one of those giant eyed Beanie Babies or a package of Peeps.