Gotta Try It: Somme Institute Skincare

In general, I like systems. They are simple, structured, orderly. And since my life lately can tend to be anything but, I find them quite comforting. Historically however I have had this thing against skincare systems. Someone telling me I needed to use a whole bunch of products all from the same brand felt a little pushy to me. So when I was first contacted about the Somme Institute system, I was skeptical. I ignored a whole bunch of emails- and then I went to an amazing spa for a facial and there, front and center, was an array of Somme products.

Playing dumb, I asked the owner of the spa what she thought of the brand, and, well, the floodgates opened. She raved. And raved. And raved some more. Said the cleanser was the most amazing she had ever used, and that all the products together really did deliver impressive results.

So, I finally decided to give them a try. And so glad I did. Abiding by a step-by-step regimen really was much easier than I anticipated, and the fact that Somme has great travel packs helped me stick to it as well. My favorite  by far are the Transport pads- even when I go off-system to test something new I still have a tendency to sneak those in. Soft cotton pads infused with MDT5 and AHA exfoliate dead cells on the skin's surface, unclogging blocked pores while delivering highly-engineered vitamins to boost resiliency, hydration and encouraging cell renewal.

The Somme system really does cover all the skincare concern bases- aging, breakouts, uneven skin tone. If your skin is on the fritz, I highly recommend giving it a chance. I am happy I did, if that counts for anything.