Selective Eye: The crème de la crème of cream eyeshadows.


Cream eyeshadow is the ultimate beauty multi-tasker. The right formula can anchor powder shadows for extra long wear, make lids luminous to wake up the entire face, and layer seamlessly for maximum versatility. At any given time I usually have about 5 or 6 in rotation- but right now, I am traveling light, thanks to the discovery of Julep Eye Sheen liquid shadow in Pale Nude Shimmer.

Packed with anti-aging, collagen-boosting ingredients, the water-based formula feels unlike anything I have ever used on my lids- almost jelly-like in texture upon application, eventually transforming into a long-lasting glowing powder finish.

Watch the video to witness this powerful puppy in action- prepare to be impressed. Click here to check out all the shade options, and while you are there, get familiar with this awesomely genius monthly delivery preview program that they offer.  As a relative newcomer in the beauty industry, Julep amazes me month after month with the innovative, top notch products they bring to market.