A Look (maybe life?) Altering Lip Innovation, from L'Oreal.


Each spring, my desk is inundated with juicy looking lip glosses, balms, sticks and stains. Not a bad problem to have, I agree. However, it often results in pout perfecting fatique- a major symptom of which is barely balmed (I know it isn't a word, but had to use it anyway, love a good alliteration) lips for months on end.

When I unearthed the new L'Oreal Paris Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stains, I was running out the door to a meet friends for drinks and threw a couple in my bag, not quite sure exactly what they were, but, given the breadth of color options, figured whatever they ended up being, one shade had to look good. 

Before dashing into the restaurant, I pulled out a pink hue that looked like my kind of color (aptly titled Pink Rebellion), swiped it on while staring in the rearview mirror- and stopped in my tracks. (Well, as much as one can stop in her tracks when seat belted into a parked SUV.) What was this feather-light yet color-packed formula perched atop a perfectly shaped doe-foot applicator wand? The finish was glossy- but not goopy glossy, more of a translucent shine. The feeling was that of a stain- but not the icky drying kind, the "I know this is going to last because it feels like it is part of my lip" kind. 

Feeling daring and intrigued, I swiped again. The color got slightly more intense but not even a bit heavier. If there were birds sitting on my sunroof, they would have tweeted a song worthy of the Cinderella soundtrack. This $10 drugstore find is, well, priceless.

Since then, I have brought my stash of samples everywhere. Yesterday, while taping at the Rachael Ray Show,  I excitedly introduced them to the wonderful (and Emmy nominated, natch) makeup artist, Robin, Never one to tell a pro what to use, I didn't outright suggest we give it a try for the day's look, but she immediately insisted. Who am I to disagree? Opting for Endless Red, Robin applied several coats and...voila!


(Note: The Endless Red is in my right hand, in my left is Berry Persistent, a perfect purply-berry shade.)

If I was better about snapping photos, you would be able see many more examples of how I have used these for on-camera occasions as well as every day attempts at looking like I tried. But since I always remember to take a picture when my makeup is being worn by a cleansing towelette and I am clad in pajamas, you will simply have to take my word for it.

You can check out the entire color assortment on www.LorealParisUSA.com, which, I must add, was recently re-launched and happens to be outstanding- cool customization features, interesting editorial tips, beautiful images, easy to navigate, yada yada yada...