Notes From My Vanity: It Takes a (Makeup) Village

This week presented an opportunity to get all gussied up- and since I had some pre-event time to spare, I decided to line up my latest makeup obsessions and have some fun.

While the over-sharing beauty fanatic in me wants to tell you every little thing about every product pictured above, my more practical former publicist self knows better than to do that. Attention spans are short, and I can be wordy. So I will cut to the chase and simply highlight three...Okay, maybe four. But promise, that will be it.

1- Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation (Shade 118):  Yeah, I could give the whole "life is hi-def" spiel that I have used in many a pitch and numerous tv segments over the years, but I will spare you the generic jargon and just say this: It blends beautifully and gives thorough coverage without looking heavy or flat on the skin. It mattifies, but because it is so hydrating, it still leaves your skin with a luminous finish. If I am going somewhere and I know pictures are being taken, or I am simply forcing my poor husband or Alexa's nanny to snap some shots of me for my blog (always awkward!), this is what I am using.

2- Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in Cyber Pink:  While I thought that Stila Kitten eyeshadow would never be replaced as my go-to rose gold, this arrived on my desk I am  smitten. It is limited edition (which sort of freaks me out, may have to stockpile), and my product background check on the Lauder website explained to me just why it is so good- the formula is a tri-blend that is a gel, powder and liquid in one. I use it dry and the intensity is amazing- but apparently used wet (which I will have to try this weekend) it will be even more so. Very flattering, perfect for every day but also quite glamourous for evening. Well-laquered lashes stand out big time against the vibrant shine- a makeup special effect that I will take any day.

3- La Prairie Radiance Cream Blush in Mauve Glow: Already covered here in a softer hue as part of a black-tie ballet-inspired look, the mauve is a bit brighter and I just adore it. Especially over a spray tan, it gives the perfect pop of color and I swear this compact will last me forever. So if you balk at spending $70 on a blush, when it comes to this one in particular, you may want to reconsider.

4- Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Glisten: So teeny, you may miss it if you don't look closely- in the far right of the photo. This is a sample mini and perfectly sized to fit in my new going-out pint sized purse (side note: the purse is a little something I am dying to share with you guys soon, a gift from my husband for our anniversary, will get to that next week I hope). The gloss has a subtle sparkle and in my opinion finishes off the look in a way that doesn't feel overdone.  Because after spending 40 minutes self-indulgently experimenting with my makeup, that last thing I wanted was for it to look like I actually did. Oh, the irony of beauty.

What is your number one makeup product for a polished night-out-on-the-town look?