Perfect Humid Day Hair for a Sweat-Prone Style Expert

Sure I would love to sit here and paint a picture of myself as a dainty lady who barely breaks a sweat. But that would be a lie. A really big lie. And while I have figured out many a trick to keep my "heating disorder" from ruining my style (Garment Guards are a girl's best friend) I have yet to figure out the perfect hair style for a super hot day to keep me from overheating and majorly frizzing.

Which was majorly stressing me out as I saw yesterday's crazy humid temps on the morning news. I had an E! News shoot in the morning- on my roof, outdoors of course- and a super important meeting 6 hours later.  My friend, the super talented hair and makeup pro Erica Whelan, was coming over to get me camera ready- and I had every intention of making that look last as long as humanely possible.

Enter the 'do. See, a basic ponytail can be risky- blond hair, humidity and high-def cameras don't necessarily get along well. But Erica had a plan: Braids. Two of them, tied back into a bun that was supposed to be messy so even if I was rumpled come 4pm (which I clearly would be, this is me we are talking about), it would look purposeful. And intention is everything- just as Oprah.

Added bonus to the bohemian-chic braids for a sweat-prone style expert?

There are 2 actually.

1- Hair off the neck meant I could enjoy a quick cool down whenever a light breeze came my way.

2- Not having to stress out about looking like a frazzled ball o' frizz did wonders for my tendency to overheat with appearance-induced panic.

Erica, I owe you one.