Personal Triumph: Brushing for 2 Whole Minutes w/Oral-B

I never realized how long 2 minutes could really be until I started making a concerted effort to brush for the recommended length of time. I would test myself- timing myself on the cable box, walking away to brush- and sure enough, failed every time. So when I heard about the Oral-B Pulsonic that helps out with timing by beeping every 30 seconds until you covered every quadrant of the mouth, I had to give it a try.

The brush is sleek, it doesn't ruin the semi-streamlined design of my countertop like some clunky older electric toothbrush models I tried did.  And just like I used to love a gold star on my report card, there is something about that double-beep congratulating me for completing a successful 2 minute brush that kind of makes my morning.

One small step for my daily routine, one giant step for my smile.