The Curling Iron That Changed My Life. Not Exaggerating.

Yes, I know this is a bold headline. I mean, how shallow must I be if I can attribute a life change to a curling iron?

Well, because you asked...

Since having the Sultra Bombshell Oval Curling Wand in my life I can shower, let my hair air dry into a frizzy mess while I do other things (such as work, run errands, play with Alexa, have dinner with my husband, or get a solid night of sleep). Then, upon deciding I want to look presentable, I simply plug in the Sultra and 8 minutes later, I have perfectly polished waves. 

Watch me show off my twirling technique on Joyus- and trust me- if you buy it and give yourself a couple practice runs, you will be curling like a beauty school valedictorian in days.