What Do Iggy Azalea & Sun Bum Have In Common?

Sun Bum SPF 30

Sun Bum SPF 30

The former can lay claim to the song of Summer 2014. The latter has ownership rights to the sunblock of Summer 2014.

And since I will not claim to have expertise or even valid tastemaking street cred in the world of music, I will use this opportunity to wax poetic on Sun Bum.

The handsomely packaged SPF sprays and lotions have infiltrated the beach bags of every single person I know- from the girls I paddleboard with to moms at my friend's country club to half-naked model-types I spotted around the pool in Miami a few weeks ago. And while yes, I do think the very cool packaging as something to do with the appeal, there is no way that people would continue to buy the product (especially moms who live in panic of being "that mom" dropping off their kid at camp with any signs of a sunburn) if it didn't deliver. 

Here is a short list of 5 things I love about Sun Bum (besides the obvious fact that it protects my skin, duh)- read on, then stock up(free shipping!)here.

1- The formula is substantial, like you know you are getting coverage, but does not feel heavy or greasy.

2- The scent! The scent! We all can agree that scent plays a major role in the pleasure factor of sunscreen- and on this metric, Sun Bum hits it out of the park with a fresh take on the iconic coconut-sand-surf fragrance that instantly cues our brains into beach mode. 

3- Two weeks ago my daughter came home from a beach day with a nasty sun burn on her back (bad mommy, I know...). Besides feeling terribly guilty, I was big time embarrassed- I mean, what mom doesn't make sure her kid is properly protected from the scorching sun? (Rhetorical question, no need to answer.) After three days of desperately (and religiously) dousing her with Sun Bum Cool Down Spray there was no evidence of my crime.

4- My skin gets really dry and scaly in the summer, and slathering on "moisturizing" sun lotions has never made a difference- untilthis one

5- The brand's honest, conversational tone (check out their website to see what I mean) is very refreshing- and regardless of whether or not that actually is pertinent to the product in the bottle, it counts for something.