The Quest for Bronze: St. Tropez Spray

Every beauty insider I know loves St. Tropez tanning products- and now that I have indulged in the ultimate St. Tropez experience- a hand-applied spray tan courtesy of the very amazing Sophie at the brand's NYC offices in Soho, I can officially attest- the adoration is well-deserved.

I am obsessed with spray tans. Since I plan on being in the beauty biz for a long time, any ACTUAL tanning is a definite no-no. Someone once said to me "Never trust a tan dermatologist." That stuck with me- and I have personally updated the phrase to include beauty experts. But I have a tendency to become almost Casper-like- and even the slightest bit of bronze really makes all the difference. Especially on my upper arms (or, as I like to call them, my Achilles heel) and legs (which sometimes look like maps as you can see every single vein running through them when things get really bad.) Sexy, I know.

Anyway- when my friend Danielle invited me down to get a St. Tropez tan, I promptly cancelled my plans to attend an evening yoga class- because to be honest, a good spray tan does more for my body in the instant gratification department.  I was coming off of a really stressful week, and stressing about what to wear for my upcoming QVC appearance because I just felt like nothign was looking good coupled with my pasty skin.

The process was pleasant- St. Tropez worked hard to take the scent out of the products so there is none of that tell-tale, headache-inducing fake tan stench. And the results- insanely amazing. The color is deep, but not too dark. And easy for me to maintain at home now that I have the base. Their Self Tan Bronzing Spray can be used upside down so you can easily get the upper back and backs of the legs. And on a daily basis, the Everyday Self Tan for Body happens to be a great skin hydrator and ideal for glow maintenance.

When the going gets tough, the tough spray tans. And everything becomes just a little bit easier to deal with. I promise.

Do tell: What is your faux glow weapon of choice?