Tocca and Bond No. 9 Candles- My Favorite Fragrant Treats.

First thing I do when I walk in the door from work? Light a candle. It instantly makes my apartment cozy. If I am immediately retreating to my computer to jot down my latest fashion and beauty finds for my site, I reach for a Tocca candle.

The feminine packaging and the incredibly delicate and girly scents get me in the writing mood. These candles are potent, but the scents do not waft beyond my personal space, making them idea for a desk or a nightstand. My all time favorite is Ydra, but right now I am quite liking Cleopatra.

If my husband is home as well, and we are going to hang out in the living room and settle in to watch TV, or if company is coming over, I light up a Bond No. 9 candle.

These have a very high percentage of fragrance cooked into them, so immediately, your entire apartment will smell of whatever scent you choose. Hotels have starting branding signature scents for their lobbies, which makes me want to do the same for my hallway. Since I don't have an in-house perfumer to make it for me, I am lucky that my Bond No. 9 Wall Street candle does the trick. People comment all the time on the incredible scent that greets them when they step out of the elevator onto my floor. Who'd have thought it came from a little jar sitting all the way inside my living room?

My tip? Stock up on candles- and have a few different types that you can turn to depending on the occasion. Your nose has quite a memory- so the scent you use for a house party should be pretty different than the one you use to lull yourself to sleep.

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