The Easiest Piece That You Never Thought You Would Love (But You Will. Big Time.)

I am SO not the girl who proactively buys bodysuits. Until I bought one. Admittedly, under the false impression that it was a a bathing suit. However, upon realizing that you can not, in fact, wear it in the water, I became the 39 year old girl, living in the suburbs, with 2 kids and a totally cliché SoulCycle and tennis addiction, who bought a bodysuit. (Mine in the photo above is from the best store- Boho Hunter in Miami- OBSESSED with the curated assortment of pieces from South American designers!)

Let me tell you this, people: bodysuits are the easiest thing ever to wear.  No shirt riding up, no messy, unflattering wrinkling, no accidental butt exposure- just a top that stays where you want it to and looks super polished, without you having to think about it one bit. Pair said bodysuit with something high-waisted, and you are GOLDEN.

THIS white one is the essential adult bodysuit- I am obsessed. The ruffles conceal any belly situation and look boho-girly, and the best part is that when the wind blows, you don't have to fear exposing major midriff, because- SURPRISE!- it's anchored to your body!

And in the basics category- every style blogger is buying this take on the classic tee by the dozen, and I completely understand why- all the casual cool, none of the bunchy bulk.

I am equally obsessed with this (majorly on-sale, BTW) pale yellow bodysuit, most flattering neckline. This ballerina-inspired silhouette is so chic (esp in navy) and, were it not a bodysuit, the wardrobe malfunction probability would be off the charts. 

One shoulder tops are more practical (because they actually stay in place, and also in most cases, the construction offers some boob support so you can potentially go bra-less) in bodysuit form- and this modern black one is perfectly tailored and love the structured ruffle. This black one has the best neckline draping, and can be worn on or off shoulder.

Florals are also fun to try- this one is amazing under a suit (again, always lays flat and polished, no tuck-in bulk) or with high-waisted 70's inspired jean. With a light wash denim skirt, this is perfection (and the price is crazy good too.)