The Socks That Will Change Your Life.

I will never buy a pair of socks that are not  THESE  for the rest of my life.

I will never buy a pair of socks that are not THESE for the rest of my life.

If I let myself overthink the fact that I am sitting at my desk writing a blog post about socks, I would never write it. Shouldn't I be spending my precious peaceful daily writing time pontificating on something more, well...substantial? Maybe. But trust me when I tell you that the next couple of paragraphs may just be the most useful I have written in a long time.

Socks are tricky, especially when you want them to be invisible yet comfortable, warm yet not bulky, and, most importantly, when you want them to STAY ON YOUR FREAKING FEET. Am I right? (There is a reason that quote about "I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is falling off" gets shared on social media so much- it is completely relatable!)

Traditional low cut ankle socks have always managed to peek out from atop my sneakers- and just look messy and unflattering. But super low cut "invisible" socks never stay on my feet- all it takes is like 5 steps and said sock is crumpled somewhere under my arch. And the need for the perfect invisible sock is intensified by the proliferation of low cut ankle boots. I live in my Rag & Bone Margot Booties and seeing a sock line cut across the v-dip in the front just ruins the look. Plus, distressed high-tops (like my beloved Golden Goose sneaks) don't look very edgy/cool when you can see a white puffy cotton sock tucked inside. 

The ONLY- and I repeat ONLY- socks I will buy/own/wear for the rest of my life are THESE.

My style-savvy friend Anne told me about them years ago, and I didn't pay much attention at first just because I figured socks are socks are socks. I would buy whatever I found by the register at Marshalls/TJ Maxx/any sporting goods store when I felt like my sock drawer needed replenishing. Only to discard them days later because, well, they annoyed me for reasons relating to fashion and/or function. But when it comes to most things fashion, Anne knows best. And alas...

I wear these every time I put sneakers, knee high boots, cowboy boots, spin shoes, ankle booties, rain boots or snow boots on my feet. And you will too. Trust me. 

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(Oh, and I did the math for you- they come out to be $3.33/pair- proving that there is no excuse to wear any other sock for the rest of your life.)