The Best Women's Tennis Clothes To Build A Court-Ready Wardrobe.


When I got back into tennis, I got REALLY into the clothes. Or at least, the prospect of a closet full of cute tennis outfits to give the impression I had skills. Subsequently, I was baffled by the abundance of bland options for women in the market. Searching out the best tennis outfits for women became an obsession- and, may I be so bold as to say- a talent.

Personally, I tend toward a mix of retro-inspired styles, anchored by classic staples that I can pair with brighter, more trendy pieces when I am in the mood to make a more, ahem, youthful impression.

A few favorite sources:
-My under-the-radar source for discounted tennis clothes from every brand- with styles old and new, and tons of color choices- is
I also find lots of great things on Bandier and Carbon38- my trick with these sites is to go into the relevant categories and just filter by color (white)- there are so many options that aren’t necessarily labeled as tennis, but, especially when it comes to tops or shorts, work perfectly on the court.
-I spend wayyyy too much time swooning over the throwback styles HERE . And, on the subject of throwback, the Adidas assortment HERE is shockingly good.

As pictured above, I built a wardrobe of sorts from the best tennis clothes for women online right now. A closet full of options, built around mix and match tops/skirts/shorts, a few dresses, the ultimate tennis sneakers, and, well, I couldn’t resist including throwback warm up pants.

Alala Court Short Shorts / Nike Court Flounce Skirt in Blue / Boast/Tuckernuck Tennis Shorts / Nike Court Breathe Top

L’Etoile Flounce Mini with Mint Stripes / Adam Selman Striped Pleated Mini Skirt / Adidas Pink Sneakers / Nike Court Essentials Jersey Trimmed Tank

Nike Court Flex Skirt / Tory Sport Mini Dress / Nike Court Tennis Dress With Open Back Detail / Fila Heritage Dress / Tory Sport Striped Track Pants / L’Etoile Stretch Jersey T-Shirt / KORAL Tank