40 Things You Need To Know About.

This is 40. And  THIS  dress is everything (including number 26 on the list below).

This is 40. And THIS dress is everything (including number 26 on the list below).

Yup, so today I turn 40. And rather than get all deep about this milestone birthday, I am gonna keep it on-brand (as the under-40 kids say) and share this quick list of 40 things I find essential as I enter into a new decade.

My hope is that, no matter how old you are, you will consider this bookmark-worthy… Because I try a LOT of things, and these are deemed worthy of a being commemorated for posterity on the blog:

1-4: Overpriced sneakers. Yup, gonna start there. Because they make wearing sneakers for basically any occasion acceptable since people recognize instantly that they are essentially Louboutins, but for wise grown up women. I adore these for extra height, and just ordered this pair while writing this post because OMG the glitter and retro velcro, how could I NOT? For high tops, I love this glitter-meets-old-school pair, however you will surely maximize wear for both denim and dressy with something silver.

5: Madewell 10” High Waist Skinny Jeans. They suck it ALL IN, and just feel so good every time you put them on.

6: NuFace at-home microcurrent device- use it 3-5 times a week to keep your skin looking 100%. Read more about my love for microcurrent HERE.

7: This eyeliner because it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE and never leaves you looking like a hot mess.

8-9: A doormat that says “sure, I own a home and have a mortgage and kids and responsibilities, but I don’t take myself too seriously.” Option B: SUP.

10: Ice Roller- it is the best $12 or so you can spend to recover your face- and soothe a headache- after a rough night.

11: This Dyson stick vacuum will change your life- I have it mounted on the wall in our kitchen and use it like 100 times a day.

12: While we are on the topic of Dyson, I paid full price for this hairdryer (even though I have like 8 other ones at home in boxes that were sent to me to try, for free) and it was SO. WORTH. IT. My hair has never dried so fast, or smooth.

13: It’s time for grown-up luggage, and there is no better choice than a full set of AWAY suitcases. Preferably in a fun color. (Get $20 off when you use this link to buy.)

14-15: My Holy Grail daily tinted moisturizer (as the beauty girls say) is this from IT Cosmetics, and you should apply it with this game-changing Blend Smart rotating makeup brush, you won’t believe how your skin looks after using this combo. Promise.

16: The no-show socks that inspired my first Better Basics segment for TODAY, and are one of the most-purchased items on my blog. I love thinking back to the number of women that have come up to me and slipped off their shoes while excitedly thanking me for bringing these socks into their lives!

17-20: Fun, whimsical sunglasses are the best accessory- I wear these heart shaped ones all the time, bought a pair identical to these oversized frames (great for rounder faces thanks to the squared-off edges) at a vintage store in Iceland and now own multiple back-ups because I love them so much. I do believe you need one splurge-worthy pair, and they should be from DITA- I have a version of these aviators, but any pair HERE is an A++.

21: I don’t know what I did without Lele Sedoughi headbands in my life. They flatter every face shape, and cover up roots and baby hair flyaways in the most chic way imaginable.

22: You guys love this Nooni tinted lip oil as much as I do- it is always in my top 10 most-clicked links on the blog- first raved about HERE.

23: If I could only wear one style of workout leggings for the rest of my life, it would be these from The Upside- most flattering ever, and such fun limited run designs each season.

24: This goes in my coffee every single morning, my hair has never been healthier as a result.

25: Having this grown-up coffeemaker just makes me happy- both the product it brews, and the way it looks on my countertop.

26: This cocktail dress that makes you feel like a hot 28 year old every time you wear it (as seen in the photo above!).

27: The most whimisical-yet-grown-up and crazy affordable giant statement ring ever- also disguises my chubby fingers in photos.

28: Nothing (except an in-home spray tan from my go-to girl Simoni here in Connecticut) compares to the instant glow you get from St. Tropez One Night Only Bronze Body Gloss.

29: I am terrible at packing lunches for my kids- but when I put a random assortment of leftovers in the compartments of this eco-friendly, dishwasher-safe lunch box, I feel like a hero.

30: The best leather jacket ever ever ever- I have had mine for 3 years now, it never looks outdated, fits so well, and is soft as butter.

31-32: I order all my bathing suits online now because I know between THIS Flagpole suit and of course, THIS style from Eres, I will never have to deal with returning- they are perfection.

33: This luxe neutral blush handbag that fits iPads for the kids when you need them handy, but doesn’t scream MOM (though to be truthful, I don’t actually own it, I just borrow it from my mom!)

34: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970. If you don’t know it, you should- so click HERE and learn.

35: Wildfox Sweatshirts. I got my first one 5 years ago, and have been collecting ever since. They are fun and youthful and SO COMFY. Insider Tip: Save like $80 and buy from the KIDS section in a size 14 if you wear a 2-4 in women’s sizing. I just got this one and LOVE!

36: Being a parent means packing for yourself AND your kids (at least, it does for me), without travel cubes to organize everything I would be LOST (more on my travel essentials HERE).

37: Flesh Pot from Flesh Beauty because glowing skin can TOTALLY be faked- this is proof.

38: Oliver Thomas laptop case: I first learned about the brand when putting together my Better Basics Back To School segment for TODAY. This case is lightweight, water-resistant and roomy enough to hold my charger, a notebook, some pens and of course, the all-important lip gloss and pack of gum.

39: I reach for this Marula Oil whenever my skin feels even the slightest bit dry- and when I travel and don’t want to pack a ton of stuff, I just bring this and a cleanser and I am DONE. The brand is super buzzy in the beauty world at the moment (which normally makes me wary, ha) but. so far, I have loved everything I have tested.

40: I JUST got my first pair of Airpods (as you may have seen on my instagram stories- I got a TAD excited about the purchase!) and OMG, life-changing. Worth every penny, and then some.

Would love for you to share an item you think the rest of us need to know about below in the comments! xx JF