How To Start Conversation At Every Cocktail Party: A Statement Shirt


Cocktail party conversations stress me out. Especially this time of year when it feels like you are seeing the same people often, and how many times can we talk about the same subjects?!

So- in the words of the inimitable Bonnie Raitt (OMG I am quote Bonnie Raitt on my blog? You know you married a Texas when...), "Let's give them something to talk about..."

A statement shirt. Yup, it can be polarizing (case in point- my beloved Katharine Kidd neoprene sweatshirt with oversized ruffles on the sleeves, pictured above, still gets commented on by certain friends whenever the topic of either sea creatures or Cruella DeVille comes up, which oddly enough, does happen.) But, it is the ultimate fashion icebreaker- and when you feel good in what you have on (which, for the record, I feel AMAZING every time I wear the shirt above), every night is significantly more enjoyable, no? Not to mention easier- since the shirt is the THING, all you need to do is reach for your go-to pair of jeans (I am wearing this under $100 fave), a simple shoe and you are DONE. Effortlessly.

The above Katharine Kidd Arizona Sweatshirt was procured at my favorite local boutique, WEST (you can call them or email if you are interested in said top for yourself). Upon realizing just how much fun it is to take a bold fashion risk smack in the middle of holiday cocktail party season when the conversations start to lull, I went on a virtual binge shop to find other tops with the same qualities- conversation starters that pair with your favorite jeans to transform you from pajamas to party-ready in seconds.

If you want to give them (and yourself- since you know, you gotta participate in the conversations too) something to talk about- here are a few places to start:

1: Shimmering royal blue lace with structured sleeves to flatter every figure.
2: Over-the-top romantic details wrapped in a cool girl velvet package.
3: A built-in-bra peeks out and makes this structured wrap style top extra sexy but not sleazy.
4: Voluminous ruffles? Yes, please. 
5: Crisp white, yes- but this top is ANYTHING but basic. Especially from the back.
6: Sequins? Check. One Shoulder? Check. The most wearable disco-ball inspired top ever? CHECK.