Star Sisters: When you can't read one more bedtime story about unicorns and sparkles.

Maybe it is just me, but with my first born, I often miss the boat on certain things I can do with her as she grows up. This happens because I a) don't realize she is old enough or b) don't know said things even exist.  For example- chapter books. It never even occurred to me that there was an option between Madeline and Sweet Valley Twins. But apparently, there is. And the bedtime routine is significantly more pleasant for both my daughter and me now that we have introduced the Star Sisters series into our lives. 

Here is why these books are worthy of sharing with you guys:

1) The stories are inspired by modern pop culture events. Which makes them much more fun to read. In the words of the author, Jennifer Blecher, "Although this mama loved reading to her girls, on this particular night she needed a break from chapter books about fairies, talking ponies, and girls who were a little too snarky for their own good." Think Top 40 song references, royal wedding frenzy, and so on. 

2) The main characters, Coco and Lucy, are kind to each other. The girls are bound together by special magic necklaces that take them on exciting journeys to diffuse potentially tense relationships and situations with acts of kindness- lessons that, at least in my experience, are often best re-enforced to kids of a certain age (ahem, my 5 year old) through a story.  

Admittedly, my knowledge of the landscape is small. However, based on conversations with friends who have older kids and plowed through many children's chapter book series over the years, I have heard the same thing over and over- the plots stink, the characters don't treat each other nicely, and, holding the interest of both the parent and kid was a challenge. 

Considering that the plots are fun, the characters are good role models and, since starting the series, Alexa and I have been equally happy to read an chapter (or two) each night, I can confidently recommend the Star Sisters. It is just the thing to tide me over until it finally feels okay to crack open my collection of The Babysitter's Club paperbacks and use Alexa as the excuse to binge-read the entire series.

The books are available on Amazon, and to find out more about the series, print coloring pages, and learn about and the super talented and very cool author (who happens to have been in my graduating class at University of Pennsylvania, yay for the Quakers) visit