The Quick 6: Best Sweatshirts

I LIVE in sweatshirts. More cozy, more versatile and easier to throw in the wash than sweaters, a good sweatshirt is one that fits nicely, looks casual but NEVER sloppy, and, perhaps most importantly to me, feels soft and plush on the skin but is also lightweight enough to be wearable year-round. 

1. N: Philanthropy V-Neck: Most flattering wide-cut v-neck that shows off shoulders in the perfect mid-weight material- looks great with a trio of delicate layered necklaces.

2. Glossier Crewneck: Random find but a great one (IMHO)- the sweatshirt is so damn soft it is like wearing a cloud, and the look is very "model off duty" effortless cool. Plus, I never mind advertising an awesome beauty brand across my chest.

3. Chaser Girl Power: I can't get enough of this brand right now- and, second only to THIS style which is pictured HERE, it is an all-around winner. Well priced, beyond cozy, and the perfect complement to the kid version which both my daughters own and wear 24/7 (and they are picky with sweatshirts- big time). (Unrelated, but if you have a daughter who is VERY sensitive to how clothing feels, Chaser leggings are a guaranteed win- Alexa adores them- as do I, the size 14 fits me- I wear a size 4 or 26 in  jeans- perfectly.)

4. Wildfox Sommers Sweater: So, Wildfox used to make a collection of "destroyed sweaters" which I LOVED- three of them have been in my wardrobe for 5 years and still get worn weekly- the weight, softness and authentic-looking distressing are pure perfection. They no longer make the destroyed style- but the Sommers is a close match that gives a similar "boyfriend" fit with an instantly worn-in feel. Plus, I love the grey wash and lettering of this one...Ooh la la!

5. Starter Hoodie: The best throwback $25 instant gratification hoodie on earth (you can get it via Amazon Prime, people!)- this heritage logo style features a very slim silhouette (size up if you want a more roomy fit) and a kangaroo pocket that makes me feel like I (a better version) of my 18 year old self again.

6. Paradised Ruffle: Some nights, I don't want to deal with a fancy button down or slinky party top. On those nights, stylized sweatshirts like this one are perhaps the only reason I will actually be okay with leaving the house. Plus, the ruffle pouf adds structure to the shoulders and as such, gives the impression of a teeny waist- win/win!