Four Style Questions Everyone Seems To Be Asking Me Lately

One of the fun things about my recent travel spree (Alabama and Cabo, off to my next destination tomorrow) is the opportunity to catch up with old (and make some new) friends. Once the topic of my work life comes up, the rapid-fire fashion and beauty questions begin. Here are the four that came up time and time again, along with the links I promised each and every girl I would share so they can compile their spring shopping lists accordingly:

1: Where do you buy workout clothes?

Every single item in my workout clothes drawer (ok, I'll be honest, it is more like drawers plural) is purchased on either Carbon38 or Bandier. I am addicted. If you have never shopped these sites, you need to bookmark them immediately.  There is lots of overlap between the two sites- but as a result, lately many of the best brands they sell have been creating exclusive styles for one or the other (here are the latest exclusives for Bandier.). And, Carbon38 recently launched their own collection  with a slew of well-priced and awesome essentials. 

2: What are the best workout leggings?

Easy. The Power Pant capri style from The Upside, which you can find on both of the sites I swooned over above. Should you want to know exactly WHY I love these things so damn much, check out this post I wrote a few months back going on and on about them.

3:  Can you recommend a cool pair of white sneakers that won't make me feel like a geriatric?

You can't go wrong with this new style from Superga. And if you want to splurge (because you know you are gonna be wearing them every single day), dying over these new ones from Iro. For an Italian soccer vibe with gold accents, love these- and you can NEVER go wrong with the timeless yet never dated Adidas Originals styles.

4: Your eyeliner has not smudged even once while we swelter in the sun! What kind do you use?

After what feels like an eternal quest for a product that works in waterlines but doesn't run down my face the second I blink, Urban Decay launched this collection- the answer to all my eyeliner prayers. 

If you have any style/beauty/home questions you want answered, please don't hesitate to email me via the "CONTACT" page up on the nav bar. I love this stuff.